Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Bunso

My youngest sister Mae will be graduating in High School this year, so before leaving the Philippines I assisted her in taking the entrance exam in Divine Word College. I also let her took the exam fo the student assistant program of the school and she luckily passed. The problem was during the interview with the VP for Finance in the school. He (a priest) told my sister that she won't be accepted to the program because he know that I can send my sister to school without the school's assistance. Isn't it unfair? She passed and besides, I'm just here to help. Its actually my husband that will going to finance not me because I don't have work here.
I hope that Mae can still get in despite of the interview result. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Rough Ride

I wanted to experience how good it is to ride a motorbike on a dirt road from our place to town and going back. whew that was one rough ride adventure I've ever had hehehe. My brother owns a small motorcycle and my mother and I rode on the back. My butt was sore when we arrived home. Check out the bridge... Would you dare walk across this bridge, let alone ride on a motorbike?

Monday, March 30, 2009

Mango Shake

My daughter had a "love affair" with our hotel's Mango Shake. Almost everyday, I had to order one for her and we would sit under the shade of a tree and she would sip away. I really love Mango shakes too. I predicted that this would be her favorite once she had one and I was right.

Mr. Crabs

We got tired of eating at the hotel's resto and food places at the mall so we tried something new and special, we found this Mr. Crabs place in Legazpi. They serve variety of menus but their specialty of course is crab. The ambiance is great and the design inside is awesome. It is very spacious too, I don't think too many people eat there because there's only three customers the whole time we're there. It's a little bit pricy but it was good.
Here's EJ trying to pinch a loaf (pooping... opps sowi)Here's the well where we believe they stock some of the live crabs then but it was dried when we went there. I guess lack of customers forced them to dried it out hehehe.
Here I was with my bare hands, that's one thing I don't like about eating crab because it takes time to get the meat out from the shell. I forgot what it called for this recipe hehehe.. When my daughter got finished eating she took us a picture.. After we ate, we decided to take pictures outside because we love the land scape at the garden. One of the waiters saw us taking pictures so he went outside and took this one. We didn't the whole thing so we brought it and gave it to the tricycle driver who drove us home.

The Church where we got married

This is in front of The lady of the Gate Parish, the church where my husband and I pronounced our wedding vows for the second time. We brought our kids there and attended mass. Before the start of the mass, we took pictures for a while. The church is located on top of hill, so when you are on top, you will see the beauty of Mayon Volcano.
While inside the church, EJ met a girl who he played with for the rest of the mass.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

friends back home

We took our children to Divine Word College of Legazpi, the school where I work then and the kids had fun playing with my former officemates. Rylie took this one pic of me and my friends.Pictures were taken at night time that's why they're dark.

Friday, March 27, 2009

City Garden - Mabini

We stayed at the City Garden for a day for us to rest while waiting for our flight going to Korea. We love this hotel because their customer service is excellent. We got tricked by the taxi driver and travel agency about going to other hotel when we first arrived in the Phils. I tell you guys about it later. Anyhow, we had a room service for choices of city garden club and pancit canton and corn soup. We decided to just eat inside the hotel instead of going around because it's too hot in there.

bad news...

Hello everyone, we arrived at 9 o'clock this morning and we did not sleep the whole night last night.. Whew, its pretty tiring. I just forced myself to blog a little to replenish the moolah that we spent hehehe (joke). Kidding aside, I am using the chikka to communicate with my brother because he just texted me a bad news. The kitchen of my mother's house got burned this morning, Oh my God, we just arrived here and here am I worrying about it. I am so tired and sleepy, I'll catch up with you guys as soon as I recuperate with my strength. Nytnyt!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We're Stuck

I still didn't get my passport today. When I went to DFA last Friday, they told me that it might be in today but without a luck, I didn't get it. We lost our ticket for tomorrow. Its non refundable so we bought another set for Friday which cost us 14k pesos sigh... Thanks again for all of you who keep visiting...

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Five Addictions

Mareng Niko tagged me with this one that requires me to list my top five addiction. So here it is Mare.. If you like answering this kind of tag guys, just please grab this okay. Have a nice day and may God bless you all always for always visiting and commenting.
1. I'm so addicted to Buko Juice (Coconut juice). It taste so delicious to me and help clean out my system too
2. Taking pictures is one of my top addiction. I can't resist to click, click ,click especially when it comes to my children.

Cashew nut

3. I'm addicted to cashew nuts. What can I do? It's so nutty hehehe..
4. I'm sooooooooo addicted to blah blah blogging lol.. Aren't you?
5. And most especially I am so addicted with Mi La Familia.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

passport dillema

Hello everyone, thank you very much for visiting here in my blog even if I'm on vacation, greatly appreciate it! So far, I'm still trying to renew my passport here but sad to say, this is Philippines and the system works like a worm. I might get stuck here because they say that they can't process it immediately. It will take one month to do it. But we have to go back there in Korea on the 24th so there's no way its possible. Hopefully they'll let me in Korea with my passport expiring soon. I can't enjoy my vacation because of this. I still didn't visit my family because of this. Huhuhu... Thanks again for visiting!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Hello there everyone, how are you all doing? I didn't sleep much last night. Our flight will be at 9 o'clock tonight so we have to leave a little early since the airport is a bit far from our place. A cab will fetch us at 4 o'clock pm. I'll leave you guys with this friendship tag that a dear friend Niko gave me last week. Sorry Mare, I just now have the chance to post it. I will visit you guys in three weeks. Thanks for visiting always!
This music is video is for you guys to listen to... mwah, mwah, I'll be missing y'all!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

souvenir from Bali Indonesia

I was busy with my usual early morning chores today when I heard a slight noise on our door. I thought it was just the wind that did it but I checked anyway and I saw a paper bag with something on it. When I opened it, I saw this.. A set of place mats with coasters and chopsticks.A souvenir from Bali Indonesia. This is from Ate Emily again. When her husband came back from Iraq, they went to Bali Indonesia for a vacation. Thanks a lot Ate for always remembering me. Thanks also to Ate Diane for dropping it by in our house. Love you guys. Here are some pictures that she sent me in email..yay I wouldn't dare hold that croc hehehe.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Thailand souvenir

When our family friend, Ms. Emily Mack went to Thailand with her husband, she gave me this gorgeous souvenir. It is a set of coaster that has the elephant symbol of Thailand. Thanks a lot Ate Emily, mwah! Belated Happy birthday, we wish you good health and happiness!
zwani.com myspace graphic comments

Monday, March 2, 2009


Thank you Clarz for tagging me with this one, and again sorry for the late post hehehe... Am soooooooooooo busy these days.. If you guys want to do this name-ology tag, just please feel to grab this okay, thanks for dropping by and commenting..


1. What is your salad dressing of choice? Ranch Dressing

2. What is your favorite sit-down restaurant? Bigg's in Legazpi City

3. What food could you eat for 2 weeks straight and not get sick of? Corn

4. What are your pizza toppings of choice? I like hawaiian pizza because of pineapple lol

5. What do you like to put on your toast? butter or peanut butter


1. How many television sets are in your house? One

2. What color cell phone do you have? gray, but I don't use it no more because when we transfer here my simcard did not work!!

3. Do you own a laptop? we have one but some of the keyboards doesn't work anymore... grrrrr to the movers

4. Do you own an ps3? No

5. What kind of cellphone do you have? Nokia 6280 i think, am not sure hehehe!


1. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right-Handed

2. Have you ever had anything removed from your body? Teeth hehehe..

3. Have you ever had any surgery? Yes, two C-Section (do this count?).

4. How much do you weigh? 98 lbs.

5. How tall are you? 4 ' 11'' ( so short huhuhu)


1. Favorite season? Summer

2. Favorite holiday? Christmas, Halloween, Easter

3. Favorite day of the week? Saturday and Sunday

4. Favorite month? February, love month eh hehehe

5. Favorite brand of chocolate? Merci


1. Currently missing someone? Yes, my in laws back in the States, good thing we're going to see my family in the Philippines, YES!

2. Current mood? Sleepy and tired, so after this will put my body in bed na lol..

3. Currently listening to? My conscience, telling me to go to sleep lol.

4. Currently watching? Cinderella Man (again), we been watching this for life hahaha

5. Currently worrying about? That my kids will get sick when we go to the Phils... I hope not!!

Alright Guys, goodnight, thanks again for visiting and commenting!

digital camera

When I first saw a digital camera, I thought that it was pretty awesome. I got used to seeing the old cameras where you can't see the pictures that you take in the screen. So when my husband visited me for the first time and gave me our Olympus Camedia Digital Camera, I was very happy because I love taking pictures. Our camera is more than five years old already and it is getting worn out. It failed me two to three times already and losing those especial moments that you capture is real bummer. When my husband went to Japan last week, he told me that he found a digital camera on sale but he did not buy it. He doesn't want to replace our old camera yet.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A tribute for MOMs tag

Just in time for the Mother's Day this year, I got this tag from Amy of Amiable Amy, thanks a lot gwapa Ams, greatly appreciate this. This is a good way to appreciate and thank our mothers who have done a great job in bringing us up.I adore my mother so much because despite of life's challenges, she never give up on us. Imagine raising 9 children with Papa and her not having a permanent job? I am not sure if I can top her courage, I don't even know if I can do it. But she courageously raised us with love and respect for each other. So I love you so much Mama! I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for you and Papa.. I'll see you soon, mwah, mwah! This picture was taken more than 5 years ago inside our shanty with my friend Haide and my nephew Noynoy. so guys if you want to honor your Mom, grab this tag and enjoy writing about your mother!

Sicker than a Dog

When my husband arrived tonight, I felt so bad for him because he is very sick. He did not give us hugs or kiss and he jumped right into the shower because he said he doesn't want us to get sick too. My husband seldom get sick but when he does, it's bad. Oh boy, I am getting worried that our trip might get cancelled because of this, I hope not... Please pray for my hubby guys.. Alrighty guys, need to hit the bed now, goodnight and thanks for coming by my shanty!