Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Future Artist

I am glad to see the artistic side of our children. I am happy that they got that trait from their Dad because I don't have it hehehe..

Here's EJ painting his coloring book last night. He look so serious while drawing hahaha. Sometimes when his sister don't want to share her stuff, he would cry like heck lol. The only problem I am having is that they love to paint everywhere, including walls of our house wahhhhhh... Good thing there is Magic eraser available in the store, or else it will be a pain....

goody goody yumyum!

My Filipina friend who is married to a Korean guy came to visit us yesterday. She live in Masan and its 3o minutes away from here. She comes here once in a while when she is bored or don't have students to teach. Her youngest son David, got along good with Rylie and EJ yesterday so I am glad thy came. She brought us some goodies from Paris baguette.

This is a honey castella sort of cake and the bread with almond is called.... ahhh never mind, can't remember hehehe.

This is a strawberry flavor cake.. uhmmm yum!

Thanks for coming by Eula.

travel journal

I was organizing our photos the other night because it was already filing up here hehehe. I bought this cute photo album at Homeplus which is designed for all your travel snapshots. So I put all our mini adventures in Korea on this album.

Speaking of travels, we are going for a three day weekend in Osan this week. We'll be leaving on Friday the 19th and will be back on the 21st. That will be our end of the year adventure here. But that will depend on my daughter's health condition because she has a cold right now. My poor little princess. Hubby bought this sleeping bag because he does not want to get a separate room for him, he wants to sleep in the same room with us. There are no big rooms to the hotel where we will be staying so he decided to get this one. He got a not so nice experience when we first stayed there last time, the cleaning lady threw away his shaving stuff hahaha. he did not have any clothes there so I think, the cleaning lady thought that somebody just left it there.

Have a good day everyone and thanks for dropping by and commenting!

My Promise - Bipimbop

As I have promised some of my readers, I have to take a picture of the korean lean cuisine dish called bipimbop or bibimbap, so here it is. Under the veggies is rice, all you have to do is mixed it up and its ready to eat.. YUM! What I like about Korean food is they're healthy. Mostly consist of different kind of veggies and spices.We headed to the Homeplus food court last Saturday after we attended the winder wonderland event sponsored by MWR. The kids had fun trying the different arts and craft booth and other games. EJ fell asleep on our way to HP hehehe, he got worn out playing at the gym. And as usual, our angels wanted to play at the play area. Here's EJ in action
Isn't it amazing how children can communicate and understand each other even if they are using different language? Rylie and this little Korean girl got along good while they were playing and they were talking with each other too. me and hubby got a good laugh about it because they seem to really undertand each other hahaha.