Thursday, October 20, 2011

Family Walk with Neighbor

We went for a walk with our neighbor Don last weekend around our neighborhood.
The sky was beautiful that day as you can see in the photos.
I forgot what this tree is called but  ur neighbor told us about it.  He said that this is considered as a medicinal plant.
Mr. Burrito wanted to play tennis  hehehe.  Thanks Sarah for letting Mr. B  play with your things.
 We also seen  one of our neighbors flying his  battery operated  toy plane.  Mr. Burrito wanted to try it but we told him   not to as the owner said  it takes a lot of practice to maneuver the toy plane.
Thanks Mr. Fancher for taking  us a picture and for  walking with us.
It was nice  walking with our neighbor.  I'll post   the rest of the photos next time as we ended our trip picking up some walnuts from one of our neighbors yard.  Join and link your favorite col9or with us every Friday with Color Connection.