Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Robin

I am longing for spring, it's snowing once again over here, whew!  Below are the photos I took last spring but wasn't able to  post it.  So now is the time since I am craving for some Spring scene.
Those are the baby Robins  from our back porch.  For some reasons, the Robins love to make a nest both from our front and back porch.  Below is the courageous one that flew earlier than the rest.  I think she got startled when I took some pictures of them.  I think the one below will be a good web design logo  for  pet blogs.
She couldn't flew  in full force yet, I was surprise  that he did not break his wing  when he jumped from the high  location of the nest to the ground.
I followed him because that time our then dog Chelsea wanted to chase  and maybe eat him alive.
To my delight, he  kept posing for me hehehe.  I think, he was telling me "Come on Lady, let's just get this over with coz I gotta go" lol.
She reached the corner of our fence then she went out finally.
The whole time that I was guarding the baby Robin from the dog, the mom Robin  was watching me.
Have a good weekend everyone!