Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Men's Clothing

I bet, you never saw me post a picture of my husband in suit lol. This is actually my first time to see him in suit, I always see in dress uniform when he was still in active duty but not like this one. Before we left from his last assignment, he shopped for men's clothing online in preparation for his upcoming job hunting here. Well, this one is a practice. He went to the hospital for a tour as a requirement to the program that he is taking in school this term ... which he already switched into something else. But anyhow, don't he look different? There you go friends, my one and only hubby, on the red carpet, I mean in red tie lol. Good night everyone!

Fever Blister

When my daughter got that very high fever, she had this blisters afterwards when fever died down. She really is like her Daddy wen it comes to attributes and stuff, because EJ's fever is much higher than she had but he never got this.

Dating Canadian Geese

We went to Tomlinson Run last Friday for the weather was warm and it has been over two years since we last visited that recreation area in New Manchester, WV. There are folks that were fishing down at the lake and lots of canadian geese.

These two canadian geese seems to be dating as they were tagging along with each other and when the other one flew, the other followed. Too bad I wasn't able to catch in camera hehehe.

EJ Cut his Hair!

The first photo was taken when we first got up from bed. My son jumped up in my lap and wanted me to take a picture of us so I did.
When I was busy making our breakfast, he asked me how does he look like with his new hair cut and I said "What are you talking about?" That's when I noticed that he was holding his craft scissor and a gab of hair on his other hand.
See a part of his hair cut off?
There's nothing I can do but say "Good job EJ, you look great!"
Can this be a trendy haircut for summer? LOL!
Daddy has to do the remedy later on for this hahaha.