Friday, October 30, 2009

High School Memories

Friday is so much fun because I get to see old photos from different friends here in blogland. My entry for this week is my high school photos. So sorry about the quality. I am glad that I brought my pictures with me when I migrated hehehe. It was my husband's idea actually, he told me to bring all my photos from the Phils.
Friday Photo Flashback
I was third year high school in this photo. I ran for President of the School Council, with smiles and other sweet talk, I won lol. Can you spot where I am?
I was in fourth year high school on this one. I took food trades as my major because it is less expensive on projects. My batchmates and I would just contribute and make something as a group. Unlike dress making, you have to buy your own material to make your projects and I could not afford for that. Although I like dress making, I chose food trades instead. It is easy to recognize me here because I am all smiles lol..
Have a good weekend and spooky Halloween everyone!

Pixel bug weekend

Display of the old stuff.

The entrance to the mall.

My daughter has a great time out there, can you tell?

This part is on the fourth floor of the building.

They brought the outdoors on top, a very nice place to relax to.

I love this structure so much.

How's your weekend guys?