Sunday, April 25, 2021

Cheers Shared last Christmas 2020

This year has been a roller coaster 🎢.   The pandemic really affected every norm but life goes on.   I’m sure everyone has been feeling the economic toll that Covid has brought.   I’m still grateful that none of us has gotten sick sick 🤒.   I mean we all got sick but we got better from home.
 Just like the past 15 years, we sent money to my family back home during Christmas.   I don’t send them cash regularly but  during the season of giving, hubby and I make sure to send them some.
This year, we tried to share some of our blessings to people that we think would really appreciate it.  We give each of our garbage collectors an envelope with cash and we also have one to our mailman.  They do their jobs no matter what the weather condition is,  so as a way of thanking them, we thought of sharing a little bit of cheer for them.

Our kids have also participated in some activities to cheer some people up during the pandemic.  My son’s class did a gift giving activity called “You’ve Been Jingled”.   I thought it was a really good idea, it gives the kids something to do to connect with their friends.
My daughter’s school have spearheaded an activity to spread some cheer to our elderly friends and healthcare workers at Serra Manor in Weirton and Genesis Healthcare Center in Follansbee through #Careavan.   
Covid might have taken out the norm of doing things but glad that we were still able to do things creatively.  The year  2020 bid goodbye and it's already the end of April but I am just posting this lol.   Life has been busy despite the pandemic.  I didn't think I would miss writing but I truly do.  I am glad, I am slowly picking it up again.  I still have a lot of catching up to do but hopefully I will get it all sorted out .