Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Our Bunso

My youngest sister Mae will be graduating in High School this year, so before leaving the Philippines I assisted her in taking the entrance exam in Divine Word College. I also let her took the exam fo the student assistant program of the school and she luckily passed. The problem was during the interview with the VP for Finance in the school. He (a priest) told my sister that she won't be accepted to the program because he know that I can send my sister to school without the school's assistance. Isn't it unfair? She passed and besides, I'm just here to help. Its actually my husband that will going to finance not me because I don't have work here.
I hope that Mae can still get in despite of the interview result. I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Rough Ride

I wanted to experience how good it is to ride a motorbike on a dirt road from our place to town and going back. whew that was one rough ride adventure I've ever had hehehe. My brother owns a small motorcycle and my mother and I rode on the back. My butt was sore when we arrived home. Check out the bridge... Would you dare walk across this bridge, let alone ride on a motorbike?