Sunday, August 25, 2013

Busy Weekend at the Cottrill's Household

I got a busy weekend again.  I started my early Saturday morning vacuuming the floor while my husband  was cooking  breakfast for us.  Then I dusted our furniture  while  the washing machine was running.  I did not even  notice that my 6 year old  took pictures of me while I was cleaning, thank you Anak!
After the cleaning was done, I decided to start arranging  the 1k+ printed photos I order a couple of weeks ago.  I am 70 percent done with it, I just have to  do the scrapbook for  my son's Kindergarten adventures  and some of our travels and I will be done..
Today, we woke up early, planned to go to church but ended  up not going but instead we went to the  lake and had so much fun catching craw gifts.  I will post about it next time.  Have a great week ahead folks.  Thanks for  dropping by and for leaving your trail.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Piano Enthusiast... NOw Pursuing it

Below is the photo of our piano enthusiast. We plan to enrol her this summer.

My father-in-law told Ms. Burrito that she can have the  piano at his basement which the little Miss was very happy about.  It's a good piano and I like it too, the only concern that hubby and I have is the fact that it's old and it needs reconditioning.  So we are saving to buy her an electric  one which amount  is the same as reconditioning the old piano. It is a joy to see her jam in the piano now.  She even teaches me a couple of song where her and play together.  She is  a strict teacher though lol.  I told her that I can't move my  fingers like she does because I am old (excuses hahaha).

Music Instrument and Piano Recital

My paternal  grandfather was really good with music instrument.  I remember when I was growing up, he would always play his banjo or guitar before we go to bed and it was very relaxing.  The form of music  before is very much different now with  digital  and other    new technology that we have.  I kinda miss the old  ways  but I am happy of what we have now.

Below is  one of the photos I took when we   watched Ms. Burrito's piano  teacher performed many songs.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Obstacles and Glories in Life

Life isn't always a bed of roses.  
There is no  way to avoid death
It would happen one  way or another
When your time is up.

But that does not mean that you have to give up on life
You have to concentrate on what is left
There are beauties that surrounds you
Just look around and open not only your eyes 
but your heart and mind.

Appreciate your friend and your family

By working hand and hand
Talking to each other heart to heart
Every obstacles in life
Could become glories
Just like this!

Cheers to an enjoyable weekend.  Have a great one everyone!

Monday, August 12, 2013

Industrial Scientific , Service Department

My husband took us   at Industrial Scientific, the place where he works,  a couple of weeks ago.  He wanted the kids to see where  spent his time  on weekdays.  Industrial Scientific operates not only in the US but also in Melbourne Australia, Edmonton Canada, France, and in China. I am glad we got to see   his  workplace. 

My husband  likes it there because  the benefits are good but  the pay per hour is not that much so he is   still open for some possible  employment.  
I can't believe that my husband has been working there for   almost a year now.  I feel like, he just got hire a couple of months ago.  Time flies fast, that's for sure!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Blogging Perks

Blogging has a lot of perks.  Aside from satisfying your personal  love for writing, you also get other bonuses and one of them is getting  free products and sometimes  additional  writing  opportunities.    I work with different DA (direct advertisers) lately and some  are my regular source of  tasks.  One  DA is asking if I could  have my friends blogs  sent to him so I will be his contact for  all the blogs.  So I am asking you to please   list your blogs with  the following details at the comment section.
  • Blog URL
  • Page Rank
  • contact/email address.
Leaving you with this beautiful view.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ceneca Cavern

After our wet exploration at Black Water Falls, we decided to head on to Ceneca Cavern.  The kids were very excited to see the cave.  ON road trips, you can never expect that everything will turn out perfectly.  As we were  driving, our GPS took us to a different route and we ended up in this plantation area.  

We saw a sign that  cars are not allowed to pass by there so we turned around and heard "Glenda" (that's what  the kids named  our GPS lol) say her favorite  word when we are lost "recalculating".  My husband was frustrated because we only got  limited time to catch the last  tour.

When we   reached  our destination, the lady at the  gift shop told us that the  last one just left.  So we drove all the way from Black Water Falls to Ceneca Cavern  just to see the gift shop haha.  Nevertheless, we   at least busied ourselves looking at these
beautiful  rocks and minerals for sale at the  gift shop.
So that was the big disappointment  of our road trip, not being able to see the Cave.
We should have  came here first and then hit the  Black Water Falls on the way home.
Oh well, there is always next time.  At least now, we know what to do.

I realized  by looking at the photos with my kids that, in few more years, they will be taller than me wahhh.  Our neighbor said that everyone is taller than me, argghhh.  Oh well, my father used to tell me "Small but Terrible" so it's okay to be small lol.  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!
Shadow Shots