Monday, September 27, 2010

Bedroom Needs

Okay, here's our dilemma of having two bedroom house. Right now, our two kids are occupying the same room. We bought a bunk bed for them to use.  Well, they are okay with it  until during bed time.  The little girl does not want a night light but the little boy  wants one.  To meet the agreement, we have to leave the door a little bit open just so a  light from the hallway will be visible at their bedroom.  Hubby does not like the idea of leaving their bedroom door open.
Because of that circumstance, hubby  is browsing  on the list of the houses for sale in the area.  I told him that we should make our plans after  he graduate and  has  a new job so that we can have  house where  it's convenient both for his work and our kid's school.  I really love where our house is right now because we are close to a lot of things like post office, bank, hospital, school, and other establishments.   The only problem is  that  it is not big enough for the four of us.

Having said that, once we can find a new place to live, we will need to buy new bed sets for them.  Our daughter has a complete set already but our son does not have one yet.  So even if it is still far, we are now starting our plans.  The designs of  the bedroom sets below and above would be perfect for our burritos.

I think it would be great if instead of buying an existing house,  is to just buy a parcel of land and build a new home.    Oh, I would love it for sure. I hope that  whatever job my husband will get next time, we would be able to afford buying a parcel of land and build our dream house there.  Right now, it is just a thought.  That's the only possible thing I could do hahaha.  Oh well as the song goes, "Que Sera Sera" or Whatever will Be, Will Be - will determine  what we're going to do  in the near future.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Creeping Phlox

Before we went to Korea in 2008, my SIL Jill gave me some creeping phlox. I planted them along side our driveway. I did not anticipate that it will grow thick. I saw it's first bloom this year and I love it.
I only have it on one side  so after the flowers were gone.  I replanted some of them on the other side.  I hope that next year, it will bloom again.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Office Furniture

If you are working at home, it is comfortable if you have a formal office furniture where you can work and do all your tasks. I am so glad that hubby has this big computer desk that has a lot of space to put things to. When I was still working, I have a big table too which I was very glad because as a secretary, I did a lot of filing and paper works everyday, especially during the preparation of the end-of-the-month reports.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Running Mate

Here's the baby jaguar that I took picture of when we went to Pittsburgh Zoo.  When we first arrived, he was hiding in his cave and sleeping. Good thing, when we were about to leave, he was  awake and let us see him.
Our Russel Terrier Dog, Champ, is my running mate. Me and Champ runs at our backyard several times a week  and he loves it.  Notice that he never put his ball down, he  carries it while running back and forth with me.  It's hard  running on a very short distance because you get dizzy quite easy.  Usually, we only run for 5 minutes and we're done hehehe.  Below is a video  of us.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beans Produce

Good afternoon everyone, howdy? I am pretty sleepy because my son did not sleep well last night due to his cold. He woke up about three am and he was very hot. So I let him drink a lot of water and wiped his body with a wet rug. That helped subside his fever. We did not sleep until about 5 am, so at 6 am, it was very hard for me to wake up.

Anyhow, while I am doing laundry, I would like to share these photos that I took a couple of days ago. Some of you might remember the post I made about EJ's beanstalk. He found a bean seed on the floor so he planted it at my FIL's planter and it grew and produced a good amount of fruit already.

One thing that I like about us visiting my FIL all the time is that, it becomes a part of my kids' daily routine. They misses their Papa whenever we can't visit him for a day.

Then we came home, we decided to go for a walk around our neighborhood.

Above was taken in front of Rylie's school. Thanks for dropping by folks. Your visit and comments is always appreciated.

Happy Birthday Champ!

Our dog Champ turned one year old today. He was born Sept. the 19th. He's been with us for almost 10 months now. With that ten months, he chewed out not only a couple pairs of shoes but 5 already wahhh. Good thing, he chose those that aren't new.

But one thing that I love about Champ is his loyalty to us. He won't leave even if I accidentally left the gate of our backyard open. Even when Chelsea was still here, she would ran away but Champ would remain in our house.

Since it is his birthday today, I gave him corned beef and eg for breakfast and hotdog for dinner. I know that hotdog isn't good for dogs but it's just once in a while so it is not bad at all (I think lol). We also gave him a new RED ball for his present and he love it! He love this kind of ball, he already had two but since it's his special day, we got him a new one again.
Have a great week ahead everyone!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gloomy Sky

Hello everyone, how's the weather at your end today. We are having some rain and looking at the gloomy sky makes me miss the bright and sunny days we had when we were still in Korea. I found these photos in my archive. These were taken before we left 9 months ago.

Hope everybody is having a nice time.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Gigantic Turtle and Grasshopper/Praying Mantis?

Took these shots at Pittsburgh Zoo last month. They did a great job molding this giant turtle.
Also love this grasshopper who is standing tall at the entrance of the Kids Zoofari.

Have a god Friday everyone. Just a quick update here before I start doing laundry and later on go to my dental appointment.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grandparents Day

This was taken during the grandparents day last week. The kids were extra sweet to their Pap to honor his especial day. I told them not to do any naughty things while we were there lol. I just wish that my Mom is near here so we could have visited her too but we're thousand miles away. We want you to know Ma that we love you so much. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

To my dearest father-in-law, happy happy birthday Dad! You are a true trooper in a sense. Thanks for imparting your wisdom to us. We love you and we always pray that may God bless you with good health so that you can still witness your grandkid's progress in life. Happy 88th birthday Dad!

Happy Birthday MySpace Comments

The Body Guard

EJ is my buddy in walking down to school to send and fetch Ate Rylie. He never complain even if he has to wake up early too. But despite of his willingness to go with me to school everyday, I can't convince him to attend pre-school next year. Hubby suggested that maybe we should just skip pre-school for, just like what we did with Rylie and just home school him for that. I am actually starting to teach him a little bit of stuff everyday when Rylie is in school and he seem to be picking it up. But let's see, it's still early to tell, maybe he'll change his mind next year.

Have a great week ahead everyone!

Monday, September 13, 2010


Hello everyonbe, how's your Sunday? We just got done eating brunch and we will be getting ready for church. But before that, I want to make this post first. I took these shots when we visited our niece Jen's house a couple of weeks ago for her step-daughter's birthday party. She have beautiful Dahlias in her garden.

My photos doesn't do justice to what it really look like hehehe. But tell me, what is your favorite color in a Dahlia? Me? I love them all as I love Dahlia!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Fun Before School

My husband's classes during MWF starts at 8 so he has to leave as early as 6:50 am to get to his school. Having said that, I have to walk Rylie to school with EJ in tow. I feel bad for the little guy because he has to wake up early too. On TTH days, hubby walks her down to school as he doesn't leave home till 9 am. These were taken last Monday before we left going to school.

I kept telling them to smile but they sure made faces lol. My son has to bring his backpack too whenever he goes with us. However, he doesn't want to go to pre-school next year hahaha.
I can't stop laughing while waiting for the auto-click because of their faces.
Thanks for dropping by here at my page.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Trust, Faith, and Loyalty

Trust, Faith, and Loyalty...Ain't these three words rolled into one? In marriage, they say that love is the most important factor to make the relationship last. I agree in some sort but as the author of this meme said, the Love without the three ingredients will result to a chaotic relationship. Love will be clouded with so many doubts if you don't trust your spouse. You have to have faith and loyalty with each other to keep the love stronger.
When I was still in the Philippines and my husband was in Guam, a lot of colleagues were telling me not to trust a sailor like my husband because they say that in every port, they are playing around. I did not listen to them because I trust my husband and I have faith in him. I believed that he is loyal to our relationship and I am glad that all their speculations were wrong.
How about you, what is your take on this?

Sunday, September 5, 2010


I took these shots a couple of months ago at my FIL's house. I volunteered to help him clean his walls and I saw a lot of shadow shots opportunities there.
I also love the shadows on this chair.
Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend. I am glad that tomorrow is a holiday, I don't have to get up early yay! Have a happy holiday everyone!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Jelly Fish

I grow up in a coastal part of Southern Luzon in the Philippines and during the m0onth of July to October, we are not allowed to go and in the ocean as jelly fish are very thick. Some jelly fish are just itchy when it touches your skin but the ones with long thread-like tentacles will burn your skin upon contact.
I took these photos at PPG Aquarium in Pittsburgh Zoo. Upon seeing them, a flashback came into my mind, reminding me of my childhood years.
Just a quick update before I continue cleaning our home. We will have a lawyer to come in here today (will tell you the details later). I have been cleaning since yesterday wahhhh. Have a nice day everyone!
Camera Critters