Monday, February 17, 2014

My Sweet Valentine

My husband gave me his Valentine gift the night before the actual V-day. I always  look forward to reading the card that he  gets because it always  make my heart feel giddy hehehe.  It may sound corny but nothing can beat the feeling when your husband takes time to find a card that really states  what he wants to say.  
I always love the miniature roses that he gives me on special occasion because my garden is getting filled with it. I can't wait till Spring comes so I can plant this as additional to my existing ones. It's very fulfilling to see them in the summer when all of them is in full bloom.
My Sweet Valentine 

Thank you for the love and understanding
for your dedication  of raising our family
for being a loving father to our kids 
and for being a loving husband. 

I love you with all my heart my sweet Valentine!
I may not be the perfect Mom and Wife
But I will try my best  to keep
 the promise we've made 
on our vows.
Happy birthday Dahlin!