Monday, March 30, 2009

Mango Shake

My daughter had a "love affair" with our hotel's Mango Shake. Almost everyday, I had to order one for her and we would sit under the shade of a tree and she would sip away. I really love Mango shakes too. I predicted that this would be her favorite once she had one and I was right.

Mr. Crabs

We got tired of eating at the hotel's resto and food places at the mall so we tried something new and special, we found this Mr. Crabs place in Legazpi. They serve variety of menus but their specialty of course is crab. The ambiance is great and the design inside is awesome. It is very spacious too, I don't think too many people eat there because there's only three customers the whole time we're there. It's a little bit pricy but it was good.
Here's EJ trying to pinch a loaf (pooping... opps sowi)Here's the well where we believe they stock some of the live crabs then but it was dried when we went there. I guess lack of customers forced them to dried it out hehehe.
Here I was with my bare hands, that's one thing I don't like about eating crab because it takes time to get the meat out from the shell. I forgot what it called for this recipe hehehe.. When my daughter got finished eating she took us a picture.. After we ate, we decided to take pictures outside because we love the land scape at the garden. One of the waiters saw us taking pictures so he went outside and took this one. We didn't the whole thing so we brought it and gave it to the tricycle driver who drove us home.

The Church where we got married

This is in front of The lady of the Gate Parish, the church where my husband and I pronounced our wedding vows for the second time. We brought our kids there and attended mass. Before the start of the mass, we took pictures for a while. The church is located on top of hill, so when you are on top, you will see the beauty of Mayon Volcano.
While inside the church, EJ met a girl who he played with for the rest of the mass.