Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sicker than a Dog

When my husband arrived tonight, I felt so bad for him because he is very sick. He did not give us hugs or kiss and he jumped right into the shower because he said he doesn't want us to get sick too. My husband seldom get sick but when he does, it's bad. Oh boy, I am getting worried that our trip might get cancelled because of this, I hope not... Please pray for my hubby guys.. Alrighty guys, need to hit the bed now, goodnight and thanks for coming by my shanty!


  1. Get Well Soon!! Don't worry
    Rose everything will be alright. See you around.

  2. i've prayed for John, Rose.
    I just hope he'll be okay before your trip. ANd that the kids won't catch the virus. Good that you slept early so you too will have resistance from illness. ingat!

  3. I hope your coming vacation will not be cancelled will pray for that.

  4. hello Rose, hope your hubby is getting better soon, mahirap na, malapit na kayo alis diba? when ba alis nyo?
    Buti nalang you start from korea going sa atin, medyo malapit lang. Rest lang kailangan niya with matching taking med.

  5. Hi Rose, nice blog, really sweet. I am also a mum working from home full time. If you have some time you might like to come to my blog.
    I will visit often.

  6. sorry to hear about what happened to your hubby. i hope he feels better soon so you can get on with your trip.

    my boyfriend had been sick for a week and it was terrible... because i felt so sorry for him. he still went to work even when he wasn't feeling good at all.

    i am happy that he's now healthy and feeling great.

    have a great day!

    by the way, i am now following your blog. please follow my blog, too ... kung okey lang sa iyo.

    thanks for being a good friend!

  7. oh boy...hope John is feel'n better now manang....I'll pray for him too...don't worry God is good am sure your trip will be alright....:)

    ganon din si Greg manang....pag magakasakit time I drove him to the ER kasi he was very sick...honga minsan lang pero pagnag kasakit naman grabi....napano ba sya? maybe sa nakain nya sis or sa tubig kaya...:)

    Don't worry about the hug and kisses...hehhe..babawi naman yon...hope he's alright!

  8. Oo nga Mommy beth, it's gonna suck if we get postponed, excited pa naman ako umuwi huhuhu..

  9. Maraming salamat Manang Kim, sana nga wag naman kasi iiyak ako hahaha...

  10. Oo nga ate weng, kaya nga uuwi kami kasi mas mura mura kung dito kami galing kesa sa States..

  11. Hi Megan, thanks for visiting and commenting.. will sure pay you a visit..

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  13. Hi Maxi, I thought I am already following you.. But I'll follow u again..

  14. Hello Manang dangz, oo nga big baby tong mga hubbies natin pag nagkakasakit eh hehehe..

  15. Dont worry, He will get well soon...

  16. oh dear, please send our regards to ur hubby, he'll get better soon dangz, big boy man gid si hubby ba! hehehehe.. sa sobrang exciteme nt cguro nya na uuwi sa pinas, I bet ikaw dn yahoooooooooo... handa na lhat ng pasalbong mo dangz sa mga tsikiting doon?

    Praying for his recovery soon dangz, don't worry, he'll be alright... hugs & kisses.. God bless you always


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