Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Spirit of Giving

The kids wanted to get us some presents out f the money they have saved from their piggy banks so we brought them at the Robinson Mall, a couple of days before Christmas.  Before we  went to the store, we   let them play first at the germ pit (that's what  my husband called the play area lol).  I make sure that I  always bring   hand sanitizers when we  go out the house so the kids can   clean their hands after  playing.
Hey had  a funb time playing with other kids.
After they played, we went shopping and then we ate  lunch at the food court.  It was a nice day for all of us.  I'll post the presents they got us later.  I am glad that  our kids  already knows the spirit of giving at  their young ages.
May all of us have a prosperous new year!  share your favorite color with me through Color Connection every Friday!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Our Christmas Tree

I bought 6 pieces of this snowman santa ornament for only a dollar at Goodwill this year.  The sailor snowman was a gift to my husband by my SIL.
I bought this sailor bear for my husband  last year.
The snowman family ornament with our name on it  was also a gift to us by my sister-in-law few years back. 

Our Christmas Ornaments

Here are some of our Christmas tree ornaments.  The frames were given by our dentist.
 The angel , set of cup cakes, pair of booties, and santa,  together with other  stuff  were sent to me by an Australian blogger as a stocking stuffer that I won from her blog, thanks Carol!
 Ms. Burrito  bought this snowman last year.  I bought the skater boy  for Mr. Burrito last year.
 The  ceramic tree she  made in school and gave to me as a gift.  I bought the santa in 2009 for  both of the burritos.
 Ms. Burrito made this  craft angel.  The nativity scene inside a glass  I believe was given to Ms. Burrito by my FIL.
 This icicle was given to me by my SIL  during my first Christmas here in US.  The polar bear is a reward I got from mycokerewards.
 I think we bought the tweety at a garage sale.  Someone gave me this bear.
 I got these two  for the first two Christmas that I have been here.
 These two were given to the kids by Mrs. Santa Claus when we attended an event at  the Hallmark center here in our area.
 I like this snowman that Carol sent me, you can turn it on and  the light changes.
My SIL Chris made this one and sent it to me when we were in Korea.
I have shown some of the  ornaments from our previous posts so that is it for now.  Our ornament might not have the  wow factor that you are looking for in ornaments but it certainly holds  an X-Factor of   stories to tell. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letters to Santa

Our daughter love to write, that's one main reason why I created the kids e-Connection blog. I made her stopped though when she started going to school again.  Now that  she's off, she  asked me to  write on her blog which I permitted. 

I bought her a Diary and some papers to write on so while she was on break on blogging, she was writing short stories (I'll post it one by one next time for you to read).  She also write on her diary  everyday.  For a six year old, she writes very well. She sometimes asked for  spelling of really hard  words but  other than that she  writes really good for her age.  I believe that encouraging your  kids  to write an early age helps their vocabulary a lot.

Below is the letter she wrote  for Santa and below that is my sons.  Sissy taught  baby brother what to write.
Have a good  week full of love everyone.  Let's spread out the cheer for the holidays!