Monday, February 28, 2011

Hand Sanitizer

This is the hand sanitizer that  Ms. Burrito got during their valentine's party in their classroom.  Ain't that cute?  
Ms. Burrito is one of the readers once again at the mass  this coming Thursday.  It is the celebration of their class' Saint Day and at the same time is the birthday of the  priest in our church.  The teacher sent us a note that if our child read at the mass last December, they won't be reading this time.  Ms. Burrito read last time but she got to read again this time.  I am glad that she has a confidence  in facing crowd which I never had.  I always gets nervous in front of a crowd even now as a adult.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Jelly Beans and More.

Despite the fact that Mr. Burrito is a sweet tooth, I don't really let him eat too much sweets. Whenever they received candies, I put them away.  Over time, I collected so many and put them in a dispenser.
Now they use it to play in Ms. Burrito's kitchen as ingredients or Mr. Burrito would  organize them on the floor.
We did not really waste the candies but  instead we  put  them to a good use and give the Burritos  something to do.
I also use it to train Mr. Burrito's counting skill.  Have a good day everyone!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Finding Comfort

Mr. Burrito seldom  plays with Champ, but when he got sick, he find comfort in  laying  beside Champ.  The little fella even let him put his legs on top of his back.  Thanks Champ!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Wine Rack's Details

The details on our wine rack makes a   fine shadows.  I was vacuuming the other day when I noticed the above image.  I stopped the vacuum, grabbed my camera and clicked!

Snow Cone

 The first couple of shots were taken  few weeks ago  when I though the snow was finally melting.
 But then just  last Monday, a heavy snow storm arrived again wahhh.  Below is a photo I took from our living room window.  That's our neighbor's  pine tree covered with snow.
Want some snow cone?  Snow snow please go!  I am participating to Making Friends Monday.

Dear Daddy - Thank You!

Dearest Dad,
First of all, thank you for the love that you have for us.  
No matter how we upset or give you headaches, you still love us.  
Thank you for being  a doctor to us when we are sick, 
for being the big kid when we want to play, 
for being a dancer when we want to dance, 
for being a singer when we want to sing,
and for being silly just to make us happy.

You are the best Dad that any kid could ask for.
Thank you for always thinking  about us,
for prioritizing us over  others
for saving for our future,
for showing us how much you love Pap,
for showing us how to respect others,
and for molding us into  good citizens in the future.

the Burritos
Dear Mr. K,
Thank you   for your so much TLC for me and the kids.
For having such a loving, compassionate, and caring  heart for others,
for your understanding and support  for my family back home,
and most especially for loving me as I am!

We love you so much,
Mrs. Wide Feet
mommy moments

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hot Cocoa

Thanks to my five year old daughter who took these photos as I have something to share for Watery Wednesday lol.
I served them hot cocoa after they  played outside  last week.
Did I tell you I quit drinking coffee  already?  Yep, I haven't had a sip   for over a week now.  I was getting addicted to it and it was giving me stomach ache so I decided to quit.  Once in a while I get tempted to make a cup  especially when my husband is drinking one but when I think about how bad my stomach  ache is, my mind immediately says NO!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Love is Light

Ms. Burrito  did not go to the Sunday class  for a couple of times this month.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand  got  brave and went with the other kids.  I was so proud with him because  he usually goes when his sister  does.  I remember the first time he tried it, he  asked me to go with him even if his sister was there.
Sunday class is a  program given to children before reading the of the Bible during masses.  A volunteer accompanies the  kids and  read Bible to them, pray, ad do some religious arts and crafts. Above is what Mr. Burrito made.  He brought the other activity for his sister.
Ms. Burrito got busy with it when came home.
The "Word for Children" is a program of the church which aims to give the  adults a full concentration during the reading of the scriptures.  The kids return to the parents after the homily was given by the priest.
I am glad that our son had the courage to go there by himself.  He is becoming more independent now.  Way to go Mr. Burrito.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Egg Drop Soup

When I was  pregnant with my daughter, I would always send my husband to the Chinese Restaurant just to buy me an egg drop soup.  So I am not wondering  that my  daughter loves it too. 


I feel a little bit better from the excruciating pain of migraine that I had last valentine's day when my husband came home with two pots of beautiful cyclamen.
I was planning to make them live as long as they can but it looks like they are dying.  Maybe I watered them so much or I dunno.  This is my first time having this one  and there is no instruction for care so I have no idea.  Oh well, what matters most is  that it made me feel better  during the special day.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Cookies for Sale

Playdoh cookies that is hehehe. 

 This week's topic at Ms. Burrito's class is about money and time. They are learning the different coins and learning how to read time.  
When she came home from school, she got busy making tag price, I asked her what was it for, she said that she is planning to sale her "cookies" so she could  send the money to her  cousin's in the Philippines
She scattered  all her "cookies" in the dining table and put the price tag on each lol.  She has been so concerned about her  cousins  ever since my brother passed away, she said that she wants to help them out.
I know that it is just a play but I am very touched of my  daughter's way of thinking.  She also wants us to have a garage sale  so the money she will collect can be send to them.  Ahhh, can't help my tears from falling.  Wish I could turn back time and  have my borther back alive once again.  I feel so bad  for  their  three kids.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pretty Critter

Took these shots last Spring when we first visit Raccoon Park.  While  hubby and kids were busy dipping in the water, I was busy chasing these  pretty critters because they wouldn't stay very long.  I think this one was drinking water that's why I got the chance to take  shots of her.
Camera Critters

The Sun Shines Through

 I was eating my breakfast yesterday when I suddenly looked at our hallway and saw these shadows.  That's from our dining table where my son was playing playdoh and the sun shines through the window.
 A little bit later, Mr. Burrito appeared.
And got it in a perfect position.

Rock, Weather , and Hearing Test

When Ms. Burrito came home yesterday, I asked her if she has any homework or assignment and she said none. Well, this morning when she was giving me a kiss and hug and getting ready to go, she remembered that she promised her science teacher that she will bring her rock collection to show to the class.  So I hurried up and gathered these rocks which I used as decorative stones for my bamboo plant.  I guess, I have to get used to surprises like this as  she goes lol.
The weather was warm so I took Mr. Burrito with me when I fetched Ms. Burrito after school.
The only thing of having these two together is that, they want to pick  every twigs of the trees they see  lol.
I let them play outside for some time after school because they miss being outside.   Even little hyper Champ was so happy playing with them.
Since all the snow has melted, the ground is wet and a little muddy.  When they came in, I did not inspect their shoes and they made a big mess in the carpet wahhh.
Another concern I have when she gets home is the hearing test that was undertaken  in their school today.  Her left ear did not pass the test so we have to make an appointment to an audiologist to do it.  I am worried   but I am praying that it wasn't serious.  

I am glad though that schools here in the States perform these kinds of tests as they catch problems.  We don't have those kind of tests in the Philippines during our time, I am not sure  about now  though.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

E is for Eyes

E is for eyes that glow.  Heres Ms. Burrito showcasing her  face painted with red white and blue with a dot of pink hehehe.  I was so busy today that I forgot, I have to make an  ABC Wednesday post.  So here I am even if midnight already, trying to make one lol (addict)  Have a great Wednesday everyone!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Remembering Grandma

 After attending mass  yesterday, we  went to get my FIL as he wanted to visit  my MIL's tomb.  My MIL could have been 81 years old today if  she's still alive.  I really admire my father-in-law's  love for  his one and only darling wife.
We also visited  my SIL's son Peedee and my BIL Harold.  They are all buried in the same cemetery.
 We were sliding all over the place because it is still covered with snow hehehe.
 Dad said "We made it Hon!"  That kind of  love is hard to find these days isn't it?

The kids  got to visit their late grandma and wished that she's still alive.  Remembering their paternal  grandma is something that we instill to  the kids mind.  Have a happy Valentine's day everyone~!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kindergarten Stars

I snagged these photos at my daughter's teacher's page.

The show and tell portion.  Ms. Burrito brought  the laptop that Tita Chris gave her.

I am glad that the school documents every activities of the kids.  Thanks to Mrs. Runkel for these photos.

Happy Valentine's day everyone!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Robin

I am longing for spring, it's snowing once again over here, whew!  Below are the photos I took last spring but wasn't able to  post it.  So now is the time since I am craving for some Spring scene.
Those are the baby Robins  from our back porch.  For some reasons, the Robins love to make a nest both from our front and back porch.  Below is the courageous one that flew earlier than the rest.  I think she got startled when I took some pictures of them.  I think the one below will be a good web design logo  for  pet blogs.
She couldn't flew  in full force yet, I was surprise  that he did not break his wing  when he jumped from the high  location of the nest to the ground.
I followed him because that time our then dog Chelsea wanted to chase  and maybe eat him alive.
To my delight, he  kept posing for me hehehe.  I think, he was telling me "Come on Lady, let's just get this over with coz I gotta go" lol.
She reached the corner of our fence then she went out finally.
The whole time that I was guarding the baby Robin from the dog, the mom Robin  was watching me.
Have a good weekend everyone!