Sunday, August 23, 2009

Little by Little... on paying off our debts

Some of you might have read the post I made on my other blog about where I I talked about our goal of paying off our debts before my husband retires. I am so happy that I have learned how to blog and write paid reviews on products and services because it does help us a little bit on our finances especially on settling our debts. It also help us when my brother died, the pocket money we used for our trip was from blogging. How about you, what did you do with your blogging earning?
Well, maybe you'll be encouraged to join us in writing reviews if I tell you that we have paid off another credit card yesterday. This time around, it wasn't my blogging earning but my husband's blog earning. I am so glad that we paid this off ($2,200.00) because its annual percentage rate is 9.9% variable. By paying it off, we can save $19 every month now. One down and two more to go (So you see, we are very rich.... in DEBTS! lol). The last two credit cards has a low APR with 3.99%, we can manage to pay it off little by little.For the advertisers out there, thanks a lot for giving SAHMs the chance to earn some income while at home. If you want my services on writing review, just please contact me okay. I need more tasks to subsidize my younger sister's college needs. And once again, I invite all of you to earn a little bit of cash while you enjoy what you are already doing in bloging. Here are the list of sites that you can join.