Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pumpkin's Height

We were supposed to go Hozak Farm last weekend but it got cancelled because the weather was a little nasty (cold and rainy).  The photos below were taken  at Janoski's  Farm  last year.  
I can say that both of my Burritos grew taller since last year.  All the pants that they had last year were completely short now.  I think that in a couple of years or so, they would be taller than me already lol.  
Time flies and I am glad that I get to spend every single day of it with them!
Ms. Burrito trying to put on a mean  face.
We are planning to go at Janoski's again this year but let's see if the weather  will permit us to do that.  It  dropped down to 32 degrees this morning.

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