Thursday, January 24, 2013


Nothing is more worrisome for us  parents to see our  children get sick.  Both of my Burritos got the  nasty cold so they were absent from school for days.  Ms. Burrito  got it first then  Mr. Burrito  got it when she got well.  Now that both of them are getting well, I have the cold wahh.

Anyhow, when  he was sick, we received a packae that was addressed to him so he got so delighted especially when we opened the box and  found the Lego Kit for Nascar Racing Car.  He couldn't wait for his Dad to arrive so I helped him put together the lego pieces.
There it goes, the first car that I ever  built hahaha.  Kidding aside, it was fun!  Thank you so much to the Dias Family for adding  sunshine to our little man when he was sick.