Monday, August 25, 2008

Weekends for Daddy

Weekends are Daddy's time with the makukulit little ones due to my work schedule. To entertain the kids, my husband always take them to the Homeplus mall nearby here so they could play with the Korean Kids in town.. Here are some pictures:

Watch out!

I was stunned when my sister-in-law in the States told me weeks ago that there was a porn video pop up on my page. I was like, it can't be! I was so defensive because I never knew that it exists. But then, I found out that one of my bloggie friends had the same problem. So I told myself, maybe its true. But weeks had passed and I'd already forgotten about it. Thinking that it went away because I'd already removed some of the widgets that I had installed on my sidebar (that's what my bloggie friend did to remedy this problem). But to my dismay, I just got informed yesterday that there was another pop up again. That was it, that's the last straw for me, this has got to stop! I am so pissed off and embarrassed that such things exist in my blog without my knowledge. 

My page is created in order to impart some inspiring experiences to decent readers with different ages, so please don't use it to promote your kalaswaan at kababuyan! Create your own website and show whatever you want, don't display that type of thing here. Don't corrupt my readers with your evil wrongdoings. Don't use my page in monetizing your piggyback porn sites! Shame on YOU! Don't you have conscience? For Christ's sake, spare my webpage with your dirty crap! To all my readers, please don't hesitate to tell me if you see this type of pop up again. Thank you!