Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Happiness and Health

The kids couldn't bear being trapped inside the house anymore so even if it was a little chilly last weekend, we brought them to one of the park they love to play and run around to. They had so much fun but my son ended up with a cold again, sigh.  Now he is not feeling well again.
I can't believe that  yesterday we had hail in the morning and a little bit of snow  in the afternoon.  Happiness and good health is hard to combine sometimes when the weather is so unpredictable.

Coupon for Flowers

Hey folks good morning!  For the ladies out there, I want to ask this question about flowers.  Whenever you receive flowers do you just let it rot or you do something about it?  I used to freeze them  when I was still in Korea to preserve it but then we have to leave so I have to throw them out.  This time, I dried them out and keep it as a souvenir like the one in the photo.  My husband and kids gave me those flowers during mother's day last year.  

On the other note, if you are planning to buy your lovely wife, mom, or girlfriend a bouquet, check out the flower shop discounts online first before you buy.  Flowers are expensive and so is the delivery fee so if you want to save some amount in buying  flowers, a coupon code or discount code would be a great deal.