Thursday, December 29, 2016

Christmas 2016 at Home

Christmas morning is always exciting  for every family, ours included.  Our children always have a hard time  falling asleep on Christmas eve for the excitement  over  opening gifts the next day.  This year was a little different because our kids  knew  the truth about Santa already.  It doesn't mean that they are less excited, they are more excited if  we can top what Santa brought them over the years.  As it turned out they said that this year is the best Christmas ever (but they always say that lol).

Last year, I had the feeling that  our daughter  had a suspicious about Santa but she didn't say anything.  This year, she wrote something about Santa  and her brother  accidentally read it so we told them that they are old enough to be "Santa" themselves so they can make someone happy this Christmas by being  the Santa.  They were ecstatic about the idea.
Our new neighbor is so nice.  Last Halloween, they left some  treats for the kids at our porch and this Christmas, they also brought them some gifts.  Thanks Larry and Karen, you guys  reminds  us of our former neighbors who became our family in the former  neighborhood that we lived in.
These are the gifts that they have  brought us.  My son had this  remote controlled car, my daughter had an art set and they also gave us this  art piece for our new home.  We loved everything.  We always thank God for always   giving us great neighbors no matter where we live.
Our daughter is like a mini-me, she loves  making something personalized to give as a gift. 

She made this one for her brother which I think was really  awesome and thoughtful!
Our fur babies have their own gifts as well.  Fresh lettuce for our guinea pig Dunkin and a new ball for our super hyper  Jack Russell Terrier, Champ.  I recorded a video of Champ opening his gift and it was awesome, I haven't had the chance to upload it though.
When it comes to  stocking stuffer, I love getting my kids some things that they can use like toothbrushes, undies, socks, mittens, and sweets!
I love this new  keyboard my husband got me for Christmas.  It lights up  whenever it's dark which I really love.  He also tried to get me  something for protecting myself when I go  jogging or walking by myself but he had to cancel it because of some legal laws where he bought it.  He would still get it though, he just need to have a it shipped in one of the  stores here in our places for  legality purposes.
Our kids  got some stuff for us too.  They got me and my husband a new tennis rackets.  They said, we don't have  an excuse now if we lose to them.  Now that's a real challenge there because they are better  in tennis compared to us lol.
I really love how thoughtful these kiddos are when it comes to giving gifts.
My son's face lit up when he saw one of his gifts, a football.
Here they are sporting some of their presents.  
The big gifts they received  includes violin for  her and a laptop for  him.  Just seeing how  happy our children  were for the gifts they received is already a great gift for me and my husband.  Celebrating  the first Christmas here at our new home  was great.  We reminisce our  old times at our first home but glad we have a home now that provide us enough space for all of us.  This year has been  full of ups and downs for us but we are truly grateful for all the blessings that we  have received especially A NEW HOME.  From my family to yours, we wish a  joyful and fruitful new year.