Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rabies Shot

Our JRT Champ was due for rabies and other shots so we brought him to the Vet last weekend.  The little guy was so stressed out  when we were driving going to the Vet's clinic but  so calm going home.
This pretty receptionist was just sitting on top of the  reception window at the Vet's  clinic.  I took a picture of her and she posed for me.  Thanks Kitty!
While Champ was taking a damp, saw this  sparrow relaxing on top of the fence.  Love the clematis bloom too.

Puzzle Craze

The Burritos love puzzles. This set of puzzle was sent by a friend from Japan, the author of Kizuna. Thanks once again Clang and family!
I am glad they like this kind of activity as it  really stimulates their  thinking skills.
Ms. Burrito can now  complete this  puzzle alone and she loves doing it.  Mr. Burrito on the other hand don't have the patience to complete it.
We recently bought a new one, a spider man puzzle.