Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Capturing Momentos

We took these photos when we went out for a dinner, I let my son fed himself and he was so proud. I always feed them because I don't like mess especially when we are outside eating. Hubby told me to let them try so they would learn, and I'm glad I did.
Here he is feeding himself. He actually did good, more than I anticipated lol..After he ate, he went all over the place inside the resto, good thing we're the only customer there There you go friends. My little man's happy face... Hae a blessed day everyone!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

my MEN!

I took this picture of my MEN months ago. Our son is very serious while hubby is very jolly in this snap. he love doing the chucky cheese face though like this hehehe.. But anyhow, I am trying to wean my son from nursing from me but he really does not want to give it up yet. I don't have many ideas on how I would be able to do this without him freaking out. In two weeks, EJ will be two years old already. Man, time flies so fast!

dining out

We dined out to Turtle Cove Resto the other night because my husband wants to eat bibimbap again.. He's getting addicted to it lol.. I did not take a snap about it though but I did with our children's meal, asian buffet..
My daughter also munched in this salad..

It's fun to dine ou once in a while, it gives me break from cooking in the kitchen too lol... Although I love cooking because my daughter is very interested with it and always helping me.

Monday, December 29, 2008

food for your bloggy tummy!

My daughter and I made a caldereta yesterday because its been a while since we last had it. I am not very fond of it but hubby love it so much that I amke it once in a while. My daughter love it too. I am trying to introduce my son to foods that we really like but he seem to not care so much about eating good food yet. Today, we made something with soup since it's chilly outside. We made nilagang baboy or pork soup with veggies. Rylie love veggies so she doesn't have any problem eating with us but not our son EJ. He is very picky with food. But anyhow, here is the nilaga... Happy blogging everyone!

tutoring remembrance

To welcome the year of 2009 with a new atmosphere, we changed our dark beddings with the pink mink blanket we bought when we went to the international market in Busan. This is a remembrance of my tutoring gig from Amy. I am sad that will no longer continue her session with me. she has to go to Seoul for a class and can no longer attend with her English class with me. We wish all the best of luck Amy. We will miss you for sure, you've been part of our family. Anyhow, here's Rylie trying to pose with her new Dora sleep wear lol.. Two more days guys and its New Year already. Do you have any resolution or something?

Ulirang Asawa

At 5 o'clock at work today, hubby called me and asked how to cook this particular Filipino recipe called giniling. I was shocked that he's actually going to cook hehehe.. But I'm so happy! He said that he was gonna surprise me with the food but he did not know how to cook it lol.. I am so proud of you Hon, you are surpassing my expectations everyday. Not only that he cooks dinner, he also did the laundry and clean the dishes.... awesome!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Aspiring Photographer

Not only that my daughter love posing in front of the camera but she like taking pictures too! She took a picture of me yesterday, it wasn't perfect but it wasn't bad. Here it is..
So what do you think, does she have potential to be a photographer someday?

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rylie's encounter with the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders

My husband and daughter went to see the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders performance at the gymnasium of the base. I wasn't able to go with them because our son EJ was taking a nap. Rylie had a great time watching them and posing for pictures with them. When she came home, she was showing me the moves that ladies performed. Here are some the pictures that hubby took.

With Brooke Sorenson...
With Brittany Evans... thanks guys for posing with my daughter! Hubby posted some of the pictures on his blog too.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Our Christmass 2008

We started our Christmas celebration by attending a party from our neighbor's house yesterday. They had so many food, most were Filipino foods, Ate Lelet gave me some to take home too. I forgot my fave gadget so there's no pic he he he. Our day ended by attending a mass at 9 pm. Before the mass started, there was a Christmas presentation performed by selected children from the base. Here are some of the photos I snapped.

Before Rylie went to bed last night, she put cookies for Santa. When I got done cleaning the kitchen, I went to her room so I can give her a good night kiss but she wasn't there. I looked in the bathroom none, I checked our bedroom and EJ's bedroom and I didn't find her so I panicked and woke my husband up. We found her at the couch sleeping..... She tried to sneak in, just so she would see if Santa would come really he he he.. But anyhow, when they woke up this morning, they had fun opening their presents...

Here she is with the scooter she asked from Santa..

Here's EJ busy with his new car collections with Dad helping him.. BOYS!

So there was our Christmas... How about you guys, how did you celebrate the yuletide season? Nothing can beat the feeling of celebrating Christmas with your family, with or without gifts as long as the family are together, its always good!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Season Greetings from the Cottrill's!

Let me introduce you to my Christmas buddies at home. This is Mr. Snowman, this is my very first stuff Christmas toy received since I was born.This is Ms. Grenny Pup, my Aunt Christal gave this to me last year.
This is Apple Cinnamon Bear that my Daddy's company got me last year, isn't she cute. This is Ginger Bread bear that my brother got last year from Daddy's work but unfortunately, my brother doesn't want to pose in the camera so I am the one doing his job...
This is Ms. Froggy Ribbit that Tita Crystal gave me last year. She sing and dance for us..
This bear I called Ms. Pretty, she's been in the family since 1995 and now I have her.
This one is a Christmas Tree who wiggles her body while she sings.. This was given to us by Tita Crystal... Doesn't she look cool?
This bear with a birdie on his head was given to me by Daddy's work two years ago. Both him and the bird sings and dances.
This one is a wine holder that Daddy got from his work. His boss gave it to him last year.
This is the very old santa that the Cottrill family has, this was my Daddy's favorite Santa when he was a kid...

Now Dad want my brother to have it but EJ already broke the light bulb inside it ... Me and brother wants to tear things sometimes he he he...

This tiny musical Santa works wonder for my brother because he dances with its tune...

Mommy bought this littleSanta ornament at the Flea market in Ohio for 50 cents last year.

So there, you meet my buddies here during Christmas. Have a joyful holidays everyone. Mama said Maligayang Pasko and Manigong Bagong Taon sa lahat (Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Cookie Dou

My husband and daughter were very busy last Sunday. They made some cookies for Christmas. We are not done yet with it, hopefully we could make some more tonight. These are the photos I took when they were making it...
Here's our princess putting the frosting and sprinkles on top ofthe cookies.

Here's my king, rolling out the dough...

Here are the finish products.... Colorful isn't it?

she's very proud of her creation.... Tadah, cookies anyone?

She made this one extra big because she said that Santa has a big belly that he might want a big cookie to fill his tummy. Kids are very honest with their opinions ha ha ha!