Sunday, August 15, 2010

Dealing with Attitude

One attitude that really get into our nerves is when our daughter want to torture her brother. I don't mean physical torture but she likes to do things that would make him mad which is always ends up in crying. I think it's normal for siblings as I remember my late brother used to do that to me.

Anyhow, last Sunday after we went to church, we visited my FIL but as soon as we got there, our lil' girl started aggravating the little one. Hubby wasn't in the mood to deal with it so he told us that we we were going home. The lil' girl was put in time out when we got home. I felt bad because she didn't get tpo spend time with her Pap so I consoled her a little bit.

We took some pictures together and I talked to her about dealing with her attitude. She understood why we do stuff like that and she apologized. How about you, how do you deal with your child's attitude issue.