Friday, January 14, 2011

Something New

Good morning folks! I am quite busy right now due to some preparation for Mr. Burrito's birthday tomorrow but I missed several topics already at Mommy Moments already so I am squeezing this one out even though I'm late.  Anyhow, the topic this week is about "New Stuff".

The kids  got a lot of stuff from friends and family but here are some of their favorites.  A notebook  given by Tita Chris (thanks Tita) and the kitchen set that "Santa" gave  Ms. Burrito.
Hubby  bought us a new gadget, a magic sing karaoke set.  He  got a new iPad from his school.
And Mr. Burrito got lots of cars and other accessories and  Santa gave him a race track.  Daddy and sissy enjoys it more though lol.
Have a good weekend everyone!  Thanks for dropping at West Virginia page, my country road online.