Monday, September 2, 2013

Dental Visit for the Whole Family

We scheduled our  second oral prophylaxis last Thursday.  Both of our dentists are Filipinos and they are the nicest people ever.  They are very down to earth which separates them from other professionals who make you feel like they are above you.   My husband  goes to  the male dentist while me and the kids goes to the  female.  

I remember when we  were new here, we used to go to  a different dentist and I was very uncomfortable when my teeth is being  work on as the dentist was not friendly at all.  It makes you feel so nervous.  Glad a friend of ours recommended the Alimario's.  So when we came back from  Korea, we started going to them and the kids just love them.  

Getting Your Garden Ready for Shark Week

There are certain events that become so popular that they are now part of pop culture and people enjoy celebrating them. Superbowl Sunday is a perfect example, but another great example would be Shark Week. What started out as an educational promotion became a phenomenon that a lot of people look forward to every year. In that case, what better way to show your support than to have a Shark Week party in your garden? Best of all, we can help with these tips.

1. Simulated Destruction
This idea is not for everyone as it will cause some damage to your garden furniture, depending on how far you are willing to take it. Basically, the idea is to have your garden look like it has been attacked by sharks. In order to do that, you can rip out a piece of a chair or a table in order to look like it was bitten or you can rip the gazebo canopy to shreds. You might need a gazebo canopy replacement afterwards, but it will really sell the look.
2. Use Fins
There is no shark image more iconic than that of the fin protruding out of the water while the shark swims below. This means that you can add a fin to anything you want and give it a shark vibe. Some of the better ideas include having a fin floating around in the pool and using fin-shaped ice cubes.
3. Shark Week Movies
If you have a movie projector, you can put it to good use by watching some shark classics while outside. There are plenty of scary movies to choose from, as well as a lot of corny B-movies that can be enjoyed for their unintended humor.
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