Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Eyesight.

For the last couple of weeks, we were always on the go taking opportunity of the good weather so we were visiting places where we could unwind and relax. Going some where means an eyeglasses time for me. I have to wear my eyeglasses whenever we go somewhere so I could enjoy the view and read signs while my husband is driving. I am helpless when I don't wear it because I couldn't see from far distances. The problem I have in wearing my eye glasses is, it is giving me a head ache. My husband said that maybe I need a new pair again. So here I am browsing online hoping that I could find an optical center that offers inexpensive prescription glasses.

Making Funny Faces

As I have mentioned in my Etecetera blog, we paid hubby a surprise visit at his work last Thursday. I pushed the burritos in the stroller for 45 minutes ( I sweat a lot lol).. My husband wanted to drive us home and then he will come back to work again. I told him that we will just wait till he get off from work then we'll go home together. While waiting for him, I told my daughter to make faces so we can enjoy while waiting. So I snapped, clicked, snapped..... the camera and here are the result of my princess kikay face hehehe.
My share of haggard looking face hehehe. Have a good day everyone!