Friday, March 11, 2011

Personalized Tote Bag

Mr. Bob Shirilla of Simply Bags contacted me  on February 27th via email. He asked if I would like to have the bag below, embroidered with text of my choice, in return of a  bit of exposure about their product on my blog.  Who would say no to that sassy personalized tote bag, would you?  I told him that it would be my pleasure to promote his bag in here, a couple of days had passed he sent it to me already.  So sorry Bob for my late posting.  My kids got  ill so I was taken aback on my usual blogging speed.
As you can see the beach tote bag is personalized and this  is v a very high quality one.    It was surprised to see how bit it is too.  This will be  perfect for picnic and other outing activities to put your paraphernalia.  Simply Bags has different kinds of gorgeous  bags, you can personalized  it with text and color of your choice.
If you want to have a giveaway or  send someone something,  check out the selection at Simply Bags as they have  so many choices such as below.  Thank you so much Mr. & Mrs. Shirilla for this   beautiful tote!  They have  gorgeous selection of beach totes that you can show off this summer
Quilted Lunch BagFlower Girl ToteFloral Tote BagPolka Dot Gym Duffle