Wednesday, July 29, 2009

on food and work sched..

My husband was off today but he is gone tonight wahhhhhhh.. He is working tonight from ten pm to 10 am tomorrow. I am not used to sleeping without hubby beside me anymore. So here I am nageemote hehehe.. Since he did not go to work today, he mowed our grass this morning. Whenever he is outside doing lawn work, our kids are out there too. When my daughter came back, she brought me this flowers that she picked from the weeds. They are weed's flowers but I was happy because I thought that it was so sweet of her. Thanks anak, I love you!Then we made some lumpia, hubby was craving for it. Its been a while since I last made lumpia so that's what we made. Yesterday he was very happy because I made some bicol express.
Some people prefer to just mix the ingredients into a raw gound meat, I prefer it to be sauteed.
Our princess wanted to help of course, so I showed her how to wrap the meat into the lumpia wrapper.
We baked half of the lumpia and put half in the freezer. So here's the baked lumpia, its healthier than frying it.
Alrighty, my back is hurting already. Oh my its midnight already, I just remember that I di not eat my dinner yet. Your visit and comments is so much appreciated, Thank you!