Monday, December 29, 2008

food for your bloggy tummy!

My daughter and I made a caldereta yesterday because its been a while since we last had it. I am not very fond of it but hubby love it so much that I amke it once in a while. My daughter love it too. I am trying to introduce my son to foods that we really like but he seem to not care so much about eating good food yet. Today, we made something with soup since it's chilly outside. We made nilagang baboy or pork soup with veggies. Rylie love veggies so she doesn't have any problem eating with us but not our son EJ. He is very picky with food. But anyhow, here is the nilaga... Happy blogging everyone!

tutoring remembrance

To welcome the year of 2009 with a new atmosphere, we changed our dark beddings with the pink mink blanket we bought when we went to the international market in Busan. This is a remembrance of my tutoring gig from Amy. I am sad that will no longer continue her session with me. she has to go to Seoul for a class and can no longer attend with her English class with me. We wish all the best of luck Amy. We will miss you for sure, you've been part of our family. Anyhow, here's Rylie trying to pose with her new Dora sleep wear lol.. Two more days guys and its New Year already. Do you have any resolution or something?

Ulirang Asawa

At 5 o'clock at work today, hubby called me and asked how to cook this particular Filipino recipe called giniling. I was shocked that he's actually going to cook hehehe.. But I'm so happy! He said that he was gonna surprise me with the food but he did not know how to cook it lol.. I am so proud of you Hon, you are surpassing my expectations everyday. Not only that he cooks dinner, he also did the laundry and clean the dishes.... awesome!