Sunday, August 22, 2010

I Know You want Something

I can tell when my husband want to buy something because he voluntarily cooks, wash dishes, and does most of the things that I normally do hehehehe. I can sense it immediately so if my answer to his "want" is no, I would say "Don't ask coz the answer is no" lol. Am I mean? No! I am always practical when it comes to things so if I know that we can live without it, my answer is NO. Just like when he saw that pop-up camper for sale in my FIL's neighborhood, he keep hinting so I said "don't bother asking me coz we don't need it."

For our anniversary though, I gave in to what he wanted and let him bought it. I'll make separate post about it. My husband is never strict to me when it comes to finances. He even asks me if it's time to send money to my family in the Philippines. It is very hard for me to ask him sometimes but he can tell if something is bothering me. Do you want to share something about your experience of being married? Join us in Couple's corner through clicking the link below.