Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Busy Beaver

We got our free ornamental plants for this year. Although the selection were not as good as last year's I can't complain because it's FREE lol.. But anyhow, here are the assortments of the flowers... That's me standing there, deciding which one to get lol..
Here are the ones that we took. And here is my every helpful daughter Rylie eagerly planting! She is our Busy Beaver... Have a good night everyone.. My eyes are closing now.... See you tomorrow.

I want to Color my World!

One of my favorite hobby is gardening because I love flowers and the smell of plants relaxes me. Even on things inside our house, I like something that is in floral design like our plates, curtains, seat covers, blankets and even wall art. When we bought our house, the former owner was very kind to leave us her wall decorations but it is kind of old already so I asked my husband if we can buy some replacement for it.  Below are some of the wall decors that we bought when we were in Korea.