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Friday, February 12, 2010

Snuggle in a Mink Blanket

I usually sleep late so I can do some blogging when the kids and hubby are sleeping already so in the morning when its very cold, I feel so lazy getting up. Hubby sneaked in the other morning and took a picture of me still snuggled in a mink blanket lol.

New Teeth

Our dog Champ is losing his baby teeth which we are so glad about because they were so sharp that when he bits, it really put a mark/wound on you. His new teeh are starting to erupt now that's why he love to chew on everything including us lol.

father-daughter tandem

My beloved husband and lovely daughter are a DUO for everything. Rylie wants her dad for bedtime stories, eating ice cream, playing games, and even baking cookies and cakes. When we we're still in Korea, they made this cake (6-27-08). They were bored to death that day because it was raining that day so they baked a cake. Our daughter helped my husband do the frosting. When it comes to baking stuff, my husband usually is the one doing it, especially sweets. Sweet tooth runs in their family. My sister-in-law joked with me one time and said that they get mean when they can't eat sweets lol.