Thursday, December 22, 2011

Letters to Santa

Our daughter love to write, that's one main reason why I created the kids e-Connection blog. I made her stopped though when she started going to school again.  Now that  she's off, she  asked me to  write on her blog which I permitted. 

I bought her a Diary and some papers to write on so while she was on break on blogging, she was writing short stories (I'll post it one by one next time for you to read).  She also write on her diary  everyday.  For a six year old, she writes very well. She sometimes asked for  spelling of really hard  words but  other than that she  writes really good for her age.  I believe that encouraging your  kids  to write an early age helps their vocabulary a lot.

Below is the letter she wrote  for Santa and below that is my sons.  Sissy taught  baby brother what to write.
Have a good  week full of love everyone.  Let's spread out the cheer for the holidays!