Monday, February 7, 2011

Tooth Case Necklace

D is for Darling Daughter's Dental appointment to the Dentist, am linking this to ABC Wednesday.

Last Wednesday, Ms. Burrito told us that she lost one of her teeth. My husband did not believe it because it is too early for her. When I looked at it, her pre molar just broke off.
So we  brought her  to our dentist and have  her looked at it.  The dentist said that  she can put something to avoid infection but if  it's not bothering  Ms. Burrito, she should be fine.  
We saw her  adult teeth through the picture that the dentist took.  She said that she can't determine when it will erupt though. 
Ms. Burrito told her teacher about her tooth so she gave her a tooth case necklace.  We told Ms. Burrito that she has to keep the tooth next time so   the Tooth Fairy will give her money for it.  She did not know what happen to the tooth that broke off.

Santa is Waving

Every time we drive by one of the  buildings downtown in going to my FIL's place, our son would always say "It's still Christmas Dad!"  It's because the big Santa display in front of the city building is still there waving hehehe.  I wonder when they will take him down.