Monday, January 11, 2010

Spiral Colored Pencil

My sister in law sent these colorful pencils to our kids when we were still in Korea. The kids love to draw with it because whatever colors is in the outside it is also the color of the writings. Thanks a lot Chris!

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks!

Freezing Cold

I really don't like going out when it's freezing cold. Aside from the fact that I am not use to this kind of weather, I also get cracked lips and fingers which is very painful. We went to the store last Saturday night and I was like a walking steel with a very heavy feet because they are so numb lol. I wore two pants actually and three layers of clothes lol. In this kind of weather you can't just go out without bundling up. You need thick clothes like North Face jackets so you won't freeze your butt off lol.
It's funny that my kids can bear this freezing cold weather but not me hahaha. Well, it's understandable because I was born in a tropical place where they were born in here. The photo above was taken at our front porch. Hubby shoveled the snow the other day and now it is fully covered again.