Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Prayer Request

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My brother -in-law was recently diagnosed with a stomach cancer. I am not very particular of what kind is it,  but my SIL said it is a very rare form of cancer. I am asking your help to please pray for my BIL. He will have a surgery this coming Monday at UPMC.  We are all praying and hoping that it will be for the better.  The surgery will involve removing his stomach which means that he won't have one after the surgery. It is the only way to cut the tumor that is growing inside. I am not sure how he could normally function after the surgery but I do trust the surgeons.
Above was taken last Christmas, we did not know that time that he has the growing tumor in his stomach.  We feel like, we are running out of time so we make sure to visit him  oftentimes now.  My sister-in-law told me that she is mad and in denial to why this thing is happening to them.

Below was taken the other day.  We've visited him again and I was shocked to see him  very skinny already.  He lost a lot of weight already as he couldn't eat.
Please pray for him and for all the people who are sick and in need of the divine healing.  His Mom died of the same cancer, their Aunt died of cancer too a couple of years ago, we are hoping and praying that Dave will come through this battle.  Thank you for your prayers!