Sunday, February 15, 2009

Brunch with the Band

We had a brunch (sponsored by the church) after attending mass today at Turtle Cove with the ladies members of JBL Simple Tunes Band. They are a group of four Filipinos (3 ladies and a guy) who are performing here in base. All of the members are very talented and great singers! Keep it up guys!

Fra Ra and BBQ Ribs

Our daughter love Pork BBQ ribs, so that is what we had last Friday for lunch. We also made the pasta bahala na coz we all love it..

Our son EJ kept saying Fra Ra "Fried Rice" while eating it yesterday morning. I am so happy with the success of my weaning attempt with my son, now he is eating good and sleeping good through the night. Now, I can go back to my normal eating habit without feeling guilty that my son will starve if I don't eat extra. I can start trimming this bilbil (tummy fat) by trimming my meals also hehehe.. Just sharing folks.