Friday, June 21, 2013

Father's Day 2013

At our home, everyday is a Father's day because my husband make sure to spend time with our kids everyday.  Even if he is very tired from work, he still plays with them when he comes home that is why our Burritos are very close to him.
We had a simple celebration of Father's Day this year.  We woke up early and went to my  father-in-law's house.  Me and my daughter cooked breakfast and we ate  breakfast with  him.  We seldom  do that so  that made  Dad really happy.  He told me the other day that we should go over to his house again and cook for him.
After we spent some time with Dad, we went to the Kennel and got our dogs.  When we came home, I cooked dinner for us instead of going out to a restaurant to avoid  the crowd.

The kids also made a  personalized card for their Dad and I added  some touch to the card that I bought for him.  I put some petals of the roses that I received from a friend during my birthday onto his card and he loves it.  I also replaced the photo on the card and  put   a photo of him and the kids.

We completed our celebration with a family bike ride.

How about you, how was your Father's Day celebration?