Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Mama is in the Hospital

I wasn't able to sleep good last night because I am worried sick of my mother who is in the hospital since yesterday. Her blood pressure rose up again. She is having a hard time dealing with my sister-in-law whose living with her. I don't know if its rude to let them out of our home because my brother just died but she is not doing what she need to do to help them out. I don't want her family to think that we don't care about them, but if its going to harm my mother's health because of them, I will be forced to tell them to move out. I am so torn and worried right now. Any advice folks? Please include my mother in your prayers, thank you so much!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Singing Fruit

My husband calls green beans the musical fruit because the more you eat the more you toot. I told him that Kamote or sweet potato is the same way, the more you eat the more you Utot too lol..
That's a steamed kamote that we ate for our merienda the other day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

The reigning beauties

Just want to post these natural beauties that we captured during one of our family walks in the neighborhood. This is a vibrant petonia, love all its colors.
See the eyes of this flower?
The 100-days flower..
I love this wild blue colored flower with a shade of yellow and white. I don't know what kind of plant is this but the bees really love it.
One of the big toadstool we've found at the backyard. Our kids said that we can put it in pizza hahaha, they thought its an edible mushroom.
Have a great weekend everyone!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

On the road to Changwon

We are going to Changwon today. Our daughter asked us if we could go to the City Seven Mall, so that is what we're going to do. We need to enjoy the remaining warm weather here so see you later alligators!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Our favorites...

The theme for this week's Mommy Moment is "That's my favorite" where you can post photos of your children with their favorites.

The blanket that EJ was using as a pillow Was Rylie's baby blanket. EJ can't sleep without it. We have to bring it everywhere we go or else he wont be able to sleep. His most favorite toy is the sword, he also sleeps with it hehehe.

The set of outfit that Rylie is wearing in this picture is her favorite. She wants to wear it everyday.

EJ's favorite style of fashion when we were in PI (shirt-less) and favorite past time (digging the sand).

Their favorite past time in the Philippines.
Their favorite cousins and playmate in the Philippines, my late brother's daughters Yami and Bhim.
EJ's favorite bonding with Mommy when he was an infant.
Daddy's favorite picture with EJ.
Her favorite pony in our basement, her Tita Chris gave this to her.
Favorite bonding with Daddy during winter time, riding a sled.
Rylie's Favorite cuz and playmate in the States
Rylie's favorite Tita (Aunt)
This is her favorite care bear stuff toy.

I have so many more photos of their favorites but I am tired of digging into our photo archives lol. Thanks a lot for coming by folks, your visits are always highly appreciated.

Thursday, September 24, 2009


Hubby is attending a farewell party for his boss so he is not coming home for lunch. I will just cook something quick for me and the kids but I will leave you with this lumpia that my daughter and I made the other day. Have a nice day guys!

Clogged Nose

When my daughter and I walked going to the library the other night, we brought an umbrella because it was sprinkling a little bit. The next day, she was sneezing and got a cold already. Now my son has it, he has a clogged nose and can't sleep well. We gave him a medicine although he refused to take it (he got that from me coz I don't like taking meds too lol). Oh boy, the cold season is starting again.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Blogging is for losers?

Hey guys have you read the latest buzz on yahoo about a 13 year old blogger who is also a fashion designer from the suburbs of Chicago? Reading about her story reminds me of one scene from NCIS show that we watched. One of the cheer leader girls there said that "Blogging is just for losers" it stunned me when I heard that because I don't think she really understand the concept of blogging. But anyhow, back to the topic, here is Tavi Gevinson a successful blogger. 
Yohji Yamamoto poses with blogger Tavi Gevinson
What will be your reaction if someone told you that you are a loser because you blog?

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Mini Road Trip

Hello there folks, how's your Monday going? I apologized fro not visiting you fr a couple of days because after our mini road trip to Daegu, my dysmenorrhea was so bad. But anyhow, I am feeling better now. We did not stay very long in Daegu, we just shop a little bit after we sent the money then we ate at BK.
These photos were taken on the way to Daegu.
I love taking pictures of the rice field because it reminds me of my childhood.
Going home, my husband dropped by at the Commisary to get something. We decided to just wait for him in the car because if we do, we might see things that we don't need and might go on unplanned spending again hehehe.
Showing his orniness.
My son loved this set of sword so much that even if it is a little bit expensive we bought it for him. Dad said that he seldom ask for something so he got this one. Of course my daughter has to get one too, a barbie. Haizzzz its hard to go on a store with kids, you can be an impulsive buyer sometimes.
These are taken on the way home, the view of the city of Jinhae.
My son immediately wanted his toy assembled so Dad helped him. Can you believe this little set of toys cost 25 bucks. for me that's ridiculously expensive. But it makes our son happy so its worth it I guess.
He carry the sword everywhere he goes, even in his sleep hehehe.

Green Beans Adobo

I made adobong sitaw (green beans) yesterday. My cute helpers wanted to help me but I was in a hurry to cook so I just let them clean the dishes.

See how deligent worker they are lol..

I just wish that they would still do it when they grow up hehehe.

You might ask why the amount of the food I cook is very little, I do that so we could eat whatever I cook. I get tired of putting left over in the refrigerator hehehe. The recipe calls for string beans but since we don't have that here, i just use the regular green beans. The main method in preparing or cooking this is trough sautee. You have to sautee garlic, onion, tomatoes and meat first then put some soy sauce and a little black pepper. Then when the meat is tender, you can put the green beans. I want the beans a little crunchy so I don't over cook it.

My son said "I wan't to help Mom" so I let him stir the grean beans adobo, that's what makes it very tasty, the love and willingness to help of my lil' chef.

Tip: Put a dash of honey into your adobo to give it an interesting twist. It tasted so good and my hubsnad loved it!

Alrighty, for those left over hunters, sorry there's none lol..

Saturday, September 19, 2009

On the road..

Hi there folks, how's your weekend going. Mine is okay. I had a bad tummy cramps the other night and this morning I found out why, Lady in Red is here for her monthly visit wahhhhhhh. Oh well, that won't stop our plan. We will be heading out to Daegu to send some moolah to my family. So hopefully, we'll have a good time on the way. Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your footprints. I'll be visiting you tonight. Have a nice weekend everyone! I am leaving you with my daughter's art design.... a spider on the web..

Friday, September 18, 2009

Treasured Pictures

Hi there folks, it is Friday once again, another exciting entry for Mommy MOments. The theme for this week is treasured pictures. This is why I am a little bit late for my entry because I have a hard time figuring out which photos should I post. Actually all the pictures that I took is a treasure to me but unfortunately I have to pick the most meaningful ones. Here are my entries.

This is the only picture I have of my parents when they were still dating. Who do you think I look like. The folks from our place say that I look exactly like Mama.

I love this picture of hubby and Rylie, look so sweet!

Rylie's sweet bonding wit Pap Pooch!

Reading time with Mommy and Daddy

My husband is probably going to kill me with tickles (I am ticklish) when he sees this hahaha. The guy on the left side is John. I think the name of their band was Grafitti.

This is a photo of John's Dad and Mom with his sister Crystal and her daughter Jen. The ornery looking boy is my husband, now you know why EJ is very ornery lol.

I Love this photo because it is one of those moments where my husband and two lil' ones are bonding together. This was taken last year's July 4th celebration when we watched the fireworks display in KOrea.

A peaceful bonding. Now they are like cat and dog hahaha, always growling at each other.

Taken at the hospital when I gave birth to EJ.

Just having fun with Mommy's silly joke hehehe..

My first time experiencing Winter time.

Alrighty folks, thanks a lot for peeking at my entry!