Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow is Better than Ice

My daughter and I doesn't mind walking from school to home  during MWF when my husband is in school.  It's fun to walk plus it gives us exercise and a time to play outside.  The photos below were taken last Monday.
Ms. Burrito wanted to walk in the field where snow was thick.
It gave me a chance to take some photos.
She also tried to climb at our neighbor's tree before we proceeded home.
Snow is better than ice because you can actually have fun but with ice, it is hard to walk on a sidewalk and you always have a fear of busting your kister lol.

I got a bit scared when we drove  to my FIL's house to get the kids (they decided to  went with Dad after school).  The road was so bad that we were starting to  slid.  Oh boy, I hope that this bad weather should end soon.


Here's  Champ eating his treat, a turkey leg..  It might sound scary to you but I assure you that our dog chews it very well before swallowing it.