Monday, December 22, 2008

How Can Healthy teeth Help You live Longer

What age did you start introducing your child for a tooth care? We started using the gum cleanser when our children was 2-3 months old just so they would get use to it. Now some kids does not want to brush their teeth for a lot of reason. Some are scared because the tooth brush aren't soft, they are afraid that they might get hurt. If this is the case try to add a lil' fun, buy them battery operated toothbrush. My kids loves it when their toothbrush are spinning inside their mouth hehehe...
As a kid, brushing your teeth may have seemed like a hassle, but as an adult, you should be aware of how important healthy teeth and gums really are. First of all, many of the foods that help your body build strong muscles and bones also build strong teeth and healthy gums. Dairy products, breads and cereals, fruits and vegetables, and lean meats all contribute to healthy teeth and a healthy body. In addition, good oral health may help you manage the following conditions—or better yet, prevent them altogether. source:

Wishes being granted everyday... got one?

I've got so many wishes not only for my self but especially for my love ones. I think Santa will get tired of reading my very long wish list. My daughter's wish to sit on Santa's lap came true when we attended the party, a week ago and she was so thrilled to experience that for the first time. She remembered the fun we had when we uploaded her picture at and got to see Santa's virtual image. It is amazing how kids can recall every little thing that you do with them. I am glad that I let her experience it, she was able to tell differentiate the real Santa and the virtual one. This time around, I've got a wish for my mother. It has been four years since I left and last saw her and I am missing her terribly. I want to have a Cieva Digital Frame that I can send her so she would be able to view our pictures through it. This digital frame from Cieva is very cool and unique because it automatically receives photos by phone and doesn't need an Internet connection to download the pictures. It has 8" high definition displays so Mama would be able to see her grandchildren that she's been longing to see so bad. What I like about Cieva is the lifetime warranty that comes with it, so if it breaks, they''ll fix it for you for free. This is the picture of me and Mama that was taken when I departed from the Philippine Airport to the States. This makes me feel very sad and homesick.

50 cents deals

We went to Daegu last Saturday because we had a power outage again inside the base. We did some shopping and found some pretty good deals as low as 50 cents, can you believe it? I took this photo while waiting for our turn at Hwawon tollgate.. It was raining..

Our daughter love looking at this smoke that was coming from a factory...

I love the combination of the dead and alive trees infront of the commisary where we bought some groceries.. Here's our son enjoying the ride, he was cracking up with my funny face. when you have little kids, you will learn how to be a clown just to make them laugh when they are cranky lol.....
Now, here are the items we bought for only 50 cents each, you can't beat that price...Have you gone to a last shopping spree yet? I'm glad we cancelled our three day trip, we save money from hotel accomodations. Coz then we got a chance to buy an additional gadget in our kitchen... a bread maker.. Now all I have to do is to find out how to make a pandesal coz our son love it..

sickness from cold weather

Gosh this cold weather is getting into us..... EJ is sick again, we didn't sleep good last night because his nose was clogged. I rubbed vicks on his back and chest and ran the vaporizer but it seems to not work.. Now he is having hard time breathing again.... He keep waking up and cry... Our son is not as tough as our daughter, when he's sick he cries a lot... I apologize to all of you if I can't reciprocate your visits right away, but I will as soon as my son get well.. Have to log off now dear friends. Thanks for visiting and commenting...

Photo Tag & Award

Got this tag and award from Amy. Thanks a lot friend! The tag says that I have to post pictures that were taken last year.. Hmmnnnn, wait a minute, lemme think what we have done last year lol.. Oh, these pictures were taken at our Filipino friend's house in Ohio when we attended their daughter's birthday party.
EJ was only five months old here...
Hala Go Anak, big bite hehehe.
Here's what you got to do:
1. Post some pictures last year.
2. Tag your blogger friends . Enjoy!
Now I am tagging Faye, Dhemz, Malou, Umma, Niko, TCecille, Cookie, Kittykat and those who want to do this tag.. Happy posting posties!