Friday, July 5, 2013

Canvas Press, a Way to Preserve Memories

Having two  children is  fun but quite  challenging.  They are always  competing with each other with everything.  So every time, I  get  one of them something, I have to get  the other the same.  Just like when I ordered a charcoal painting  for  my son, I also had my daughter's picture done by  a different  artist because the  artist where I ordered my son's portrait cost so much.  Unfortunately, the artist that did my daughter's is working in Dubai and won't be home till next year so he said that he won't be able to send it from there.

So when I  put my son's  painting on the wall, she  told me that it isn't fair that she doesn't have one next to him.  Luckily, I thought of  ordering her painting  as a canvas print from Canvas Press.  I am glad that it arrived  before her 8th birthday as she is very happy about it.  I love how they securely pack their  canvas prints (as you can see in the photos below).  I also love the  thickness of the  frame.
As you can see, she couldn't wait till I can hang the canvas  next to his brother's portrait.

Canvas Press  make another  great addition to our  family wall of canvas prints. They have a very user-friendly tool  at their website so creating your  order is  easy.  The pricing is affordable and I can  say that, Canvas Press is another  great company to  preserve  memories through their canvas prints.
Oh I love this smile of joy and I owe  it to Canvas Press,   the company that  provides high quality  canvas print.  IN fact, they call QUALITY  their middle name.
They had a great idea to turn the packaging into fun.  MY son said that it would make a big  car garage shop, so that's what they did.  Look at the photos below.  I took the photos when they were just designing the garage but they made an elaborate one which I forgot to take picture of.
So thank you so much Canvas Print for helping me fulfill my daughter's wish of having her charcoal portrait be on the wall through your quality-made canvas print!   Preserving memories through Canvas Press is very easy so  make sure to check them out through the link I have provided above .

My little lady, Ms. Burrito, is turning 8 years old  this Sunday.  Happy birthday  my  darling princess, we love you so much!