Friday, April 23, 2010

Dress Up Time for Chelsea

My daughter had fun dressing up her favorite doll, Chelsea. I am glad that Chelsea was very nice and she let her do these stuff without making a fuss.
This is now include in her daily routine, dressing Chelsea up everytime she puts on her princess clothes on lol.
She seem to be okay with it but she is also good of taking it off lol.
Oh boy, hope this brings a little smile on your face guys. Have a nice weekend. Our burritos has a runny bottom. I think they have food poisoning from a party that we attended last weekend.

Wild Flower

We have a lot of these in our yard, I don't know if they are weed but one thing for sure.. they are pretty! As I was digging up the dandelion in our yard, I spared these purple ones because I find them beautiful. So I just left them bloom there.