Monday, March 24, 2014

Frustration & Parenting

Our daughter constantly work on something. Her mind does not want to be idle even a bit. When she is not doing crafts, she is reading books, or doing some sketches. The problem is when the result of her work is not up to her satisfaction, she gets frustrated and always end up crying.
My husband was explaining to her that  she has to be patient when working on something.  He said that when you  made a mistake, to not get frustrated but instead  use it to  do better next time.
This is what she was working on that made her upset.  I told her that what she did actually looks good.  Well for someone like me who doesn't know how to draw, this is pretty good, I think.
My daughter is like my husband, they are  a bit  of a perfectionist.  If they can't attain the  end result that they are  hoping for, they get frustrated.  For me,  I  always give it a break and come back the other time to figure it out.  Parenting can sometimes a clear reflection of  our traits.  We can see ourselves in our kids of how they perceive on things.