Friday, October 24, 2008

Shopping Spree

Hubby took a half day off yesterday so we can go to Daegu and send my Mother some money. Since we transferred overseas, I find it hard to send money online, I have tried three online sources but they keep rejecting my transactions so I got fed up with it and said screw them. I'm glad to have found the Western Union there although we have to drive 2 hours, its worth it than dealing with online crap. I also found out that its cheaper to send there. But anyhow, we left at 12 noon, got lost a little bit but we managed to find the right way. Thanks to the GPS that our friend lent to us. We didn't turn it on at first because hubby though he would be able to pull it through without being lost but as usual our luck in directions sucks hahaha.. We both are, which isn't good, oh crap!
We arrived to our destination at around 2 pm, did shopping a little bit and ate at BK. Our lil' ones had a chance to play in the play area of the resto. Here are some snappy..
After we ate we went to the Commisary and bought some stuff then we headed home at around 5 pm. So there was our yesterday's happening...