Tuesday, December 29, 2009


My son love chocolates. Whenever someone gives us chocolates, I always keep it away because if I don't, he would just eat and eat. I only give him chocolate as a reward for doing something good or for behaving. Sometimes when he eats good food, he also get a chocolate. My husband bought him a small bag of kisses the other and EJ wouldn't give it to me. He held it till he fell asleep lol. I put it away and then when he woke up, his first words were "Where's my chocolates?" Oh glory, my son acquired his dad and grand daddy's sweet tooth.
It's snowing here again so I am blogging a little bit while waiting for my laundry to dry. Howdy folks?

Fun with Clay Dough

While waiting for the rest of the family to arrive yesterday, Rylie enjoyed playing with her clay dough. Clay dough is a good thing to have for kids ages 3 and up because it stimulates their creativity. I even enjoyed playing with it with my daughter.
How was your Christmas celebration folks? Thanks for dropping by!

After Christmas Malling

We went to the mall the other day just to entertain the kids. That's one disadvantage during winter because activities outside the house is very limited. You have to do some mall visits just t get the kids out of the house for a while.
Most of the stores are having an after Christmas sale of their decors and other stuff.
These poinsettias was offered by one of the memorial place for those who rest in peace already. It is so nice that even the departed ones are not forgotten during this special occasion of the year.
Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks! May you have a prosperous new year!

Monday, December 28, 2009

For the love of Donuts

EJ refused to come back in the house after playing in the snow for a couple of hours. We insisted he come inside before he ended up sick or with frostbite on his digits. He was so angry that he threw a fit and was crying really hard but then we showed him a box of Donuts that his Pap bought him and then he was okay and gave us this big laugh.
So that is the "magic of the donut" for our son.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Watching my Diet

I am not a beauty-conscious but I am healthy-conscious. I am four years away from starting my life (Life starts at 40 lol) so I am watching my diet like a hawk. When you reach that big number, the metabolism of your body changes so if you gain weight, it would be very hard to lose it. This is me now at 36, got some wrinkles but what the heck as long as you are happy, who cares right hehehe.

But as many people that can afford it say that there are always alternative to those problem such as tummy tuck, liposuction or such. So which one would you choose, just keep your body fit or just shrug it off. Whatever you decide, its your decision not mine. Oh my, am I making any sense hahaha. I am so tired now that I am ready to collapse. We did a little shopping a while ago so I wasn't able to peek at my blog. Here are I am at 12:44 still typing but my eyes are ready to fall. Good night everyone, I better go to bed!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sleepy Head

Here's what sleepy head always do everytime he is tired from playing. He is good in waking me up at five wahhhhhh.
Howdy everyone?

Looking down at Japan Sea

I took these photos before we land to Narita Airport during our flight coming back here from Korea. It's beautiful to look down the sea when you are flying but at the same time a bit scary.

The white ones in this photo are boats. My poor camera can only zoom that big (or small lol) though.

I want a baby sister

My kids are having fun with Jen's baby. EJ told me that he wants another baby sister wahhhhh. Here is the baby doll of our family, Gracie. She is a very good baby, she seldom cry and love playing potty cake.
Everyone wants to hold Gracie when she visits here hehe. If only I could afford to have one more lol but life is getting harder, so two is enough for us.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Remembering Korea

The following photos below were taken during our last few weeks in Korea. The first photo was taken at the entrance of Home Plus from the roof top parking area.

This was taken inside the Navy Store inside the ROK Navy base. Every month, they have one aisle full of sales item like birthday cards, shoes, baby clothes but most of the time, candies and snacks. Isn't it neat how they decorate even their sale stuff? That's how ornate Koreans are especially on gardening.

I love the way these bottles look. These were displayed on top of the cakes shelf. I am not sure if these are fruit juices or fruit wines but whatever they are, they look tasty lol.

This was on the first floor of Home Plus. I really like these small planters, aren't they cute?

Thanks for dropping by and for leaving your trail folks! Have a merry Christmas!

Glued on TV

Hubby took this when we were still in Korea. This is how we look when we are busy watching TV lol. when kids are watching TV, parents should watch with them because there are shows (even kids exclusively for kids) have a very bad lingo or negative attitudes, so parental guidance is always important.


This is one scenario you will see whenever a family keeps moving from one place to another. this is how messy our house was in Korea when we are getting ready to ship our stuff.

It's snowing again

Champ always woke me up at 5 o'clock in the morning. I have to get up or else he will pee inside our room so I took him out this morning. It's snowing again so I came back in to get my camera and took these photos.
Here's Champ sniffing the snow while peeing hehehe. This is a little darker but you can see the snow fall. Happy Holidays everyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Champ's first Vet visit

The breeder where we bought our pup Champ told us that he's due for the second shot this month so yesterday hubby made an appointment and we took Champ to the doctor. I think Champ can feel that something is going to happen to him because he got so nervous while we were driving going to the vet's office.
The vet doctor gave him one shot, squirted something in his mouth for de-worming stuff, checked for fleas and his over all physique. He said that Champ is so healthy and a little husky for his age... ruff ruff.

He taught us on how to discipline him. He said that Champ is in his age now where he understand discipline. We been having a hard time making him go outside to do his wee wee and duke but he is getting better though. I think it's just the weather that hindering him to do it outside.

Inside the reception area of the Vet's office.
While waiting for the doctor to come, Champ was shivering so we had to give some love and reassurance that he will be okay.
I find this Christmas tree cute because it has Christmas cards with pets pictures.
And so is the wreath.
Alrighty folks, our baby will have his next shot next month. I did not know that dogs are much more expensive than a human visit to the doctor lol. I think, we may have to get him an insurance to cover some of those expenses. 

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Champ is Registered

When we bought Champ, the breeder gave us the registration paper to be sent out to Continental Kennel Club but we did it online instead. We received his paper the other day, so Champ is officially registered as ours. In the Philippines, we don't usually do this with our pets lol.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Fun inside the Box

When we were packing out our household goods in Korea, our burritos are getting bored and they found this box with Styrofoam on it. They played with it for a while and then when EJ got tired, he went inside it hehehe.

Transferring from one place to another is very hard especially when you have little kids. It is so stressful but I also see it as an opportunity of exploring other place that we've never been. Depending on whatever job my husband gets after retirement, we will probably get another abode for us. He was planning on looking at the house plans that would suit our budget. If our budget will permit, I would love to have a bigger house away from the city. My husband and I like to have house with a bigger backyard, wide space porch and stuff. Ahhh it is so nice to make dreams isn't it. Sometimes I don't want to wake up anymore lol.

Driving Around

We drove around the area the other day just to ease the boredom of the winter. I took some snaps of the bald trees, the icicles and other stuff that I found interesting. It might not be as interested with your perception but for me everything is designed by God for a reason.

Whenever we drive around, my husband and I talks about just anything that we can think of like the weather, Insurance, and life in general. Most of the time, we always reminisce the time when it is just me and him. We kinda miss those moments but we're happier now that we have little burritos running around our house and giving us migraine sometimes hahaha.
The icicles on this area were huge then but now they are so small maybe because we haven't had heavy snowfall. If you guys love to take pictures of the sky, join us in Looking at the Sky on Friday.