Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Since we are going to the Philippines in a couple of months, I have to start getting ready of the things that we have to take on our upcoming travel. Having said that I canceled my tutorial to my student, next week will be our last session. Thanks Jason for being with us, hope you will continue your English lesson with another teacher. We're going to miss you Jason, especially EJ who wants to hang out with you all the time. It's funny because EJ was dancing in front of my student last night lol.

the future artist

Rylie's favorite tools/objects are scissors, glue, paper and coloring pens and crayons. One time I saw some of her hair on the floor, when I asked her she said that she ran out of paper so she cut her hair, aint that something hehehe. But anyhow, she was busy doing her artwork that according to her, she will send it to her Pap.

Art Work for the Day

I heard my son's signature sound when he is very busy doing something that he really like. So I immediately check and sure enough he was making an art work in the wall wahhhhhhhh... He found a piece of red crayon from his sister's art and crafts drawer so he started scribbling it on the wall. My husband is gonna be so much happy with this hahaha, he just got done cleaning with the other parts of the wall in the house. Oh well, part of having fun isn't it?
EJ was so proud when I approach him of what he did lol...So there you go folks, the art work for the day!

Letting GO!

Okay, I made it official. I gave up my part time job just so I could have full time with my family and of course more time with blogging as well lol. I filed my resignation without regret because I know that in the long run, it will benefit my family especially our children. I can have as many jobs as I want but the time that I spend with my children is more precious than having an extra income. Besides I am not happy with what I am doing in that job so letting go is the best thing that I did.