Friday, July 22, 2011

Shopping at Toys "R" Us

As kids, their favorite part in shopping is going to a toy area or a toy store.  My FIL gave Ms. Burrito a cash gift  for her birthday and she asked us if she could buy  the thing she wants.  We usually  save  their money to their bank account but this time we let her shop at Toys "R" Us.
You can see the excitement and enthusiasm as they  rush to the  store.
She couldn't decide what she will get because everything that she sees, she wants to buy it.
At the end we helped her decide what to get by weighing the benefits of the product that she  will buy.  She  bought the  easy bake package.
Mr. Burrito on the other hand  was so fascinated with the   train track that was laid out in the store.  Kids can play with the toys.
He spent most of the time  playing there while  we waited for Ms. Burrito to get done.
When we were checking out, he grabbed a  train set for him wahhh.. Sneaky.  He grabbed two but I put away one because he already have  a lot of trans at home.
I also bought  the ocean book for them and two sets of board games.
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