Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Grandparents Day

This was taken during the grandparents day last week. The kids were extra sweet to their Pap to honor his especial day. I told them not to do any naughty things while we were there lol. I just wish that my Mom is near here so we could have visited her too but we're thousand miles away. We want you to know Ma that we love you so much. We are looking forward to seeing you again soon.

To my dearest father-in-law, happy happy birthday Dad! You are a true trooper in a sense. Thanks for imparting your wisdom to us. We love you and we always pray that may God bless you with good health so that you can still witness your grandkid's progress in life. Happy 88th birthday Dad!

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The Body Guard

EJ is my buddy in walking down to school to send and fetch Ate Rylie. He never complain even if he has to wake up early too. But despite of his willingness to go with me to school everyday, I can't convince him to attend pre-school next year. Hubby suggested that maybe we should just skip pre-school for, just like what we did with Rylie and just home school him for that. I am actually starting to teach him a little bit of stuff everyday when Rylie is in school and he seem to be picking it up. But let's see, it's still early to tell, maybe he'll change his mind next year.

Have a great week ahead everyone!